Friday, May 1, 2020

May Goals

When I rewind my life about 50 days or so I had no idea what my future would hold.  Really, none of us do ever.  But I had at least a general idea or direction that my life was going.  A lot of that based on planning, scheduling and the normalcy of which I lived my life.  Sure, it can always be expected that little bumps come up in the road or even slightly bigger ones.  But I always press on and get back to life as I knew it.  This, however, has been different than any other time in my life and it's not only effecting me, but everyone around me.

It never occurred to me to set goals during this time.  I was naive to grab hold of the mind set of ok, I got this, it's just a few weeks, maybe a month, then everything will just resume.  Life as I knew it would return.  Specific goals were not necessary because this was going to be very short term and my goal in general was just to hunker down and survive.  Slowly, as I now realize, this has not turned into something short term.  Yes, it is enough to declare and even be happy with the general goal I set.  I'd say I've done it fairly well.  

As I look ahead, I know this new normal is here for the time being and it's not anything that I'm used to.  There are also other factors in my life that are a new normal for me that have coincided with this global change making this extra.  In many ways those changes I can handle because I was in control of them and brought them on myself through other life events.  The global changes though are being handed down through things that have nothing to do with me directly, yet they have drastically changed how I live my life.

Since today is May 1st, it's a good time to take a step back and set some goals for this month.  The last 50 some days were a grace period of sorts, but now it's time to focus and be intentional.  Here in short is my list in no particular order:

1)  Run 200+ miles in the month of May.  My running has really taken off  like crazy.  I have run such milage before, but it's probably been 5-6 years since I was at a peak and routinely running this much.  I looked late last night and was just 2.5 miles short of 200.  I honestly considered going out and logging those few miles real quick, but decided not to.  At that point I was honestly truly tired and talked myself into being sensible.  So for all of you who deem me craaaaazy, I'm actually sometimes not.  Sometimes.  

2) Read 4 books.  I love to read.  I don't love to sit still.  Those two opposites keep me from getting much reading done.  Yes, I know there are audio books.  I've tried that.  Not my cup of tea.  Yes, I know there are e-books.  Also not my cup of tea.  Perhaps old fashion, but I really like to sit and read an actual feel it in my hands book.  Often once I sit and get in the groove I can knock out books left and right.  But that first step is the hardest for me to overcome.  I'm working on this.  I did read 4 books in the last 50 days.  So I'm making progress.

(Just a few of the books I've read recently)

3) plant my garden and pay a lot of attention to it.  I love to be outside and be a total soak up the sun and fresh air person.  I've attempted to have a garden before, but it was in my years of having younger kids while also trying to work outside the home.  Since I work for the school system now I am afforded summers off to be home during this time.  My kids aren't so little any more either.  Yes, they still need a lot of my time and attention, but I've turned that corner to having self sufficient humans and that makes a big difference.

4)  organize and purge, specifically my basement and garage.  I still have many boxes from my divorce that are packed up just waiting for me to go through.  Honestly a box could disappear and I might be none the wiser which begs the question do I even really need it.  Yes, I have slight OCD issues and being extremely sentimental have a hard time getting rid of things.  I'm far from being on the show Hoarders, but don't touch my boxes cause I will likely freak out.  So let's goal this issue and go through, purge and organize.

5)  weight management.  Don't even roll your eyes and tell me how great I already look.  Even before all this hit I was packing on weight and it was getting out of control.  Maybe not My 400 lb. Life out of control, but for me it was!  This pandemic and stay at home stuff made things even worse.  I wish I can say that I knew exactly what got me in gear and turned around, but in the last 40 days I have lost 10 lbs. and am working on a little bit more. It has helped that I joined an online fitness challenge that is helping me zone in on my eating and food habits.  We know exercise isn't my issue, but food is.  This Spring Into Action fitness challenge is exactly what I need to help reel things in and tighten up this ship.

6)  play my french horn.  I picked up my for the first time in many years and began playing to have something to do and pass the time.  I wish I could say I was more consistent, but it's a struggle and I easily put it off and before I know it, it's 11 p.m. and I'm tired and want to go to bed.  So I'd like to set a goal of 2-3x a week to pick up my horn and practice/play.  I don't need to be perfect.  I don't need to be ready to try out for an orchestra.  I just need to play.

I can sit here much longer and come up with some more goals to focus on.  The list and possibilities are endless.  These are some that have come to mind and I want to focus on.  I hope that by taking the time to sit and write it all down it sinks in even more and gives me that mindset to go after it and get it done!

What about you?  Do you have any goals for May?  What are you working on?  Let me know, I want to hear!