Saturday, January 18, 2014


When tragedy strikes around me that doesn't directly affect me, but yet it's out there, I tend to hold it at arms length.  Not out of disrespect or lack of caring.  Quite the opposite.  I tend to have a tender heart & even if I don't know the people I tend to take things really hard.  So I've learned to not pay too much attention or at least not on a deep level when such events happen.

It wasn't easy to escape the news of Meg, a young mom of 3 who was hit & killed while on a run by a drunk driver.  Out of that tragedy Megs Miles was formed and word of it quickly spread over the internet.  So while I kept it at arms length to prevent me from being an emotional cry baby I still set out on my run today in honor of her.

It was a cold snowy day & for the most part I stayed home all day & in my jammies.  I ditched my music for some peace & quite to be able to think and be purposeful with my miles I ran in her honor.  Plus with the snowy streets I needed to be paying attention to my form & footing.  I was only going to run an easy 2 miles, but then I talked myself into 4 and before I knew it I had 5 miles in.  I had to keep my pace slower because of the street conditions, but it also gave me time to really think about each step, each breath I was taking.

When I got home I was trying to be thoughtful & creative about how to mark my run to post on facebook, instagram, etc.  I tried several different things, but then an angel came to mind.  So I made a snow angel to honor Meg:

and added my shoes to her angel.  I may not have ever known Meg, but she was a mommy & a runner and that forever binds us together in a strong unspoken way.

I was covered in snow & my feet got cold really quick.  I actually stood there a few moments longer taking in the cold, the quiet, the sweat on my body from my 5 miles.  I was thankful to be alive.

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