Monday, April 14, 2014

2 mile CSC Charger Challenge Recap

I didn't take the time to give you a race preview to talk about my goals & dreams.  Part of me really wanted to and part of me wants to throw my hands up in the air & yell "what's the point?!?!"  I ended up not doing so simply due to lack of time.  Long story short and to simply reflect back on the goals I set at the beginning of the year I wanted to lower my PR (13:40) and get on the lower end of 13 minutes.  Due to my on going frustration and funk I was highly skeptical I'd do either, I figured I'd be far from it.  And with a marathon 2 weeks away I wasn't wanting to push myself toward injury so I told myself that it would be ok if I would make this race a big ole flop.

I didn't register for the race until that morning.  Coming off my 13.1 the previous Saturday I was REALLY sore so earlier in the week I entertained the thought of not running at all.  But, I'd really pass up the chance to run this race.  It was going to take a lot to keep me from doing it.  I'm kind of stubborn determined like that.  When the temperatures and weather was absolutely wonderful that morning I knew I'd go no matter what.  So on the plus side, the sun was shining bright and temps were mid 60's by early in the morning.  On the down side it was very windy & this takes place on the edge of town out by Lake Storey.  Plenty of opportunity for wide open spaces & plenty of wind to be whipping around.

This is a great race that unfortunately shrinks in numbers every year.  Great if you are a casual runner wanting to easily place in your age group.  Personally I don't mind winning or placing in my age group, but I don't want it just handed to me either.  I want to run hard and earn it.  Which, I realize I can achieve that, it doesn't matter if there are 10 or 1,000 people racing.  However, for me.....being super competitive I want a crowd to go against.  On another note it's a shame to see a long standing race get smaller each year.  It's a gem of a race and people just don't pay attention to it.  There was a total of a little over 100 people who showed up to race the 2 or 4 miler.  About 50/50 in terms of who was completing what.

I made sure I gave myself a nice long warm up.  The flip side to a nice short 2 mile race is that is a faster speed right off the bat.  I DO NOT want an injury so I have to race smart.  Just as expected as soon as the gun went off I went out fast & strong.  There are hills in the middle of the course so I wanted to use to flat portion to my advantage.  By outside appearances I had some competition.  There was at least 1 jr. high and 1 high school girl there running.  So, I'm old enough to be their mother, but one thing I can't change is having a young youthful body.  I can do a lot to make myself fast & strong, but youth is not on my side.  Don't laugh, I'm older than you think!  I'm no spring chicken, that's for sure!!

I pulled out in front and wanted a strong lead so no one could get me in the last half.  I ran my first mile in 6:30.  Not too bad, especially since the last 200 of the first mile is a good long hill.  I mentioned it in my LPHM post that me & hills are not friends.  In fact, I'd rather not speak to them....EVER!  But I deal with them when I have to.  Anyway, at the 1 mile turn around I was feeling done and ready to die right then and there.  So, of course, I kept on running.  I had the nice downhill right after that, but another smaller uphill before facing the last 400 or so of the course.  That portion though faces a wide open spot and there was a wall of wind the entire time.  I'm not talking gusts of wind with some relief.  Non stop solid wind that my dying body was pushing in to.  I admit that I could tell that nobody was right behind me so I might have given up a little and not pushed quite so hard the last 100 or so.  I saw the clock as I approached, I should have pushed really hard because I was *so close* to getting a new PR.  Part of me just didn't' care.  I could see it wasn't going to be a substantial PR so I coasted into the finishers chute.  I might have even walked the last 2 steps.

Finish time:  13:42
1st female overall, not sure how many females ran
4th overall/58 runners

For as bad as I felt, especially that last mile, I guess it could have been worse.  I know everyone wants to be all high five, what an awesome time, etc., but it's just not enjoyable right now.  Of course I want to run so hard that it hurts, but not this sucky, nothing feels right kind of hurt.  And, I know so many who could only dream to run the times that I do, but FOR ME it's not enough, it sucks!!

 A pre-race selfie.  48 is my favorite number.  I didn't ask for that number, it was randomly assigned to me.

 With my friend Elizabeth. She was the overall female finisher in the 4 mile race.  Mommas be ruling this race!!  And here is a picture of us in 2011:

A closer look at my long sleeve race shirt & my award.  I was so excited to see it was a mug.  It won't just go sit in my basement, I'll use that as much as I can!!

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  1. Well, sorry that it wasn't exactly what you were hoping for but great job with the win! Sad that the race keeps getting smaller.
    And, I'm laughing about the youthful thing because I know that I'm quite a few years older than you!!!