Friday, July 18, 2014

The show must go on!

I know I don't have to give you an explanation, but I will.  And it will be brief because I really don't have a lot of time to spend on here.  But life is so busy spinning out of control.  In a good way, for a good reason.  And I'm almost to the end of the tunnel where there is a big bright light, a spot light it seems like since that what I'm seeing a lot of recently.

For the past several summers I have been involved in the summer production, a musical, that is put on by the community theater.   Yes, ladies and gentleman I love to sing and dance.  While I do it probably every single day in one form or another....mostly in my kitchen or living room, but just about anywhere you can catch me belting out a song and moving my feet to the music.  It's especially fun to put said talent on the big stage and add my bit to a larger part of a show and perform it for other's entertainment.

So, that is my big time culprit right now.  In the last 2 weeks I've had rehearsal almost every single night.  This last week especially has been from 6-10.  Then by time I get home I have to unwind.  So I've had a lot of late nights and then turn around and have some early mornings.  Oh and throw in a day of birthday-ness this past week (Tuesday was my birthday) and I am stretched thin and exhausted at the same time.  Now, I really REALLY do love what I'm doing in the show.  LOVE.  IT.  But it is wearing on me and I'm ready for it to be done.

I'll have to show you some pictures and video after it's all said and done.  And hopefully, keeping my fingers super crossed, things WILL slow down after my final show on Sunday and I can resume a little bit of normalcy.  My running has not suffered too terribly much, but it's hanging by a thread along with other areas of my life.

Until then, the show must go on and it's opening night for my musical:

I wanna hear from you, comment below and tell me:
Do you like musicals?  I am very much a musical lover, but am especially fond of Guys and Dolls since I saw it on Broadway many years ago.  It's always been a favorite of mine and now I get to be in it!!

What other talents do you have?  I often hear the comment "is there anything you can't do", well.... underwater basket weaving is something I've never tried, but I'm sure I'd be horrible at it, so we'll leave it be.


  1. I love musicals which is a shame because I can not sing. Not a note. ALthough I do sing all the time. Other talents...My friends say I'm pretty funny.

  2. So cool that you are musical!! I'm not but Chris is. He was the lead in all of his high school musicals - I'm pretty sure that he did Guys & Dolls one year.
    Have fun with the shows!!
    And - HAPPY BIRTHDAY (sorry I missed the day!!).