Monday, March 18, 2013

Work, work, work

Ahhhhh, it's a work week for me.  I don't talk about it too much, but I am a faculty trainer for YMCA of the USA.  I train & certify Y wellness employees in Y sanction courses.  I only hold these courses a couple of times a year.  I also have a trainer who works beside me & helps with the work load so that is always helpful.  For the most part I plan these courses when it works best with my schedule & availability.  I have a lot of flexibility with my personal schedule so as long as I get my work done I get to determine how often or how much I do at a time.

For this spring training we are holding the basic classes.  It's still a lot of work, but not quite as much.  We have over a dozen people coming for the two courses we are offering.  In the fall, we host a Regional Training Event. It's the same training classes, plus more, but on a bigger scale.  That is when then the faculty in my title comes into play. I not only teach and oversee the classes, but I have trainer candidates that I work with, supervise, evaluate their student teaching that I assign them and graduate them into trainers themselves.

It's a lot of work that I cram into short periods of time.  It always kind of throws me for a loop because I'm not a typical work full time outside the home mom.  Although even at it's peak I still don't work a full 40 hour week.  It sure feels like it.  It always makes me appreciate and be in awe of those moms who do work full time outside the home.  I'm not cut out to thrive or survive that life.  That's neither good or bad, it's just me.

My trainings are this weekend so I will be spending a lot more time in the office getting work down.  I'm trying to balance my work and my blogging by being prepared and knowing in advance what I want to blog about each day.  Also trying to keep it short & simple.  That doesn't even factor in my family/home life either.  It just means better than usual planning of my time.  Simpler meals.  Maybe not as much housecleaning & projects (I won't mind that at all).  I might need to go find my superwoman cape.  Sure, I secretly wear it all the time, but I need to bust it out from time to time and flash it for all to see :)


  1. You can do it!! Mom's can always handle a little more once and a while. Just started reading your blog. I love the Y too :) We are members at the Pen Bay YMCA and the boys do swim classes year round. I love it! Check out my running blog: I'm a full time working mom and runner too!

    1. Thanks Brittany! We've been members at our Y for 18 years (back when we were first married & had no kids) and I've worked there for 16 (started when my oldest turned 1). It's such a great place in our community!!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Might I ask how you found it? (Just curious) It will be great to check out your blog and get to know you :)

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