Monday, June 10, 2013

Hang on

Ahhh....the on going saga with my leg.  I'm about to beat my head against the wall.  Oh, wait I already have.  More than once.  And I know I have so much to be thankful for.  Really, things are not that bad right now.  My leg just can't make up it's mind with recovering.  Good days & bad days.  Days where I feel like there is great progress and days where I feel like I'll never run again.  Of course, all I want to do is run.  Without pain.  See, I'm not asking for much.

My mind will talk in constant circles.  Most of the time it's my worst enemy.  I work hard to fill my mind with positive thoughts & influences.  I spend daily time praying & reading God's Word to give me direction.  Some days more than others.   Regardless my mind is still a roller coaster of good thoughts/moments and bad.  Maaaaan, it sucks to be human.

I've been down this road of injury & recovery before.  Looking back it's just a small blip in my running life.  Even though I know at the time each day was agonizing as I worked my way through that time.  I'm sure some day I will look back at this blip and laugh at how well I didn't handle it.

Taking each day, each run at a time is about all I can handle.  Bear with me.  I'm wild & crazy even on my good days.  Hang on while it's rough.  I'd appreciate that.


  1. Sorry you are stealing struggling with your leg - injuries always suck!!! I hope that soon you are back to 100% with no more leg pain!!

  2. You need to hang in there! Hope you do better soon. Sorry this must be so frustrating.

  3. Kim & Brittany, thanks for your encouragement!