Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday's Tunes: Wellness Coordinator

I've been extra busy the last 2 days for 1 specific reason:  I started my new position at the Y as the Wellness Coordinator.  I'm sure I've mentioned it somewhere along the line (but here's a brief recap), but I've worked at the Knox County YMCA for over 17 years.  With absolutely no experience I answered an ad looking for a fitness instructor.  At that point if you were breathing you were qualified to teach at the Y, so lucky me, I was hired.  I worked my way up through the years & eventually was the Fitness Coordinator.  I was in charge of the fitness classes & instructors.  I gave that position up when babies 5 & 6 were welcomed into our family.  While I wasn't head of the department I did take on being a trainer (and eventually faculty trainer) for Y of the USA which gave me a lot of flexibility around my family.  And it still has brief times where I'm really busy with training, followed by months of nothing.

For many reasons I began to feel the need to take on the Wellness Center at our Y.  We've never had anyone to be the head of this area, it just feel under the leadership of our associate director (who does a great job, but has many other things that fall under him).  I was seeing a great need for a coordinator in the department, as well as, a need for some programming.  I drew up a proposal, presented it to my boss & wha-la.....I'm the new wellness coordinator.

This job is going to take up about 20 hours a week.  So far, it's not real cut & dry with set in stone hours, but it will eventually lead to this to some degree.  What this means for me is that I have to be a lot more strict with my time.  I no longer have "all day" to do "whatever" I want.  I now have to manage my time to get home/family responsibilities taken care of & head into work & get things done there too.  If executed properly I will be able to handle this job with no problem.  I'm fully capable, I just need to exercise a lot of discipline.  (Gee, I wonder if I have ANY of that - ha ha).

I've already mentioned that blogging is not a priority, not when push comes to shove.  But I don't plan to abandon my blogging by any means.  We'll see where we go from here, although it will likely look like it has been for the last few months when I was busy with training.  One thing I won't be cutting back on is my running!  This morning I was extra motivated to run before my 6 a.m. yogalates class.  I'm so glad I did because it then rained & was really icky ALL.  DAY.  LONG.  These are the tunes I heard on my 8 mile run this morning:

Made to Worship - Chris Tomlin
What I Did for Love - A Chours Line Soundtrack
Sound of Music Overature
Foolish Beat - Debbie Gibson
His Strength is Perfect - Steven Curtis Chapman
White Flag - Passion
Fast Car - Tracy Chapman
The Old Rugged Cross - 25 favorite hymns
O Happy Day - Shelly Hamilton
Feel This Moment - Pitbull Feat. Christina Alguilara
By Your Side - Tenth Ave. North
Quantum Leap - TV Tunes
There's Always Me - All Shook Up Soundtrack
Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone - Glass Tiger
Overature - Oliver Soundtrack
Live While We Were Young - One Direction
Our God - Chris Tomlin
There Is None Like You - Shane and Shane
Meet Me Half Way - Kenny Loggins
Now I Belong to Jesus - Instrumental
For the Sake of the Call - Steven Curtis Chapman

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  1. WooHoo - congratulations on your new position! You went from being a super busy mama/runner to a mega busy mama/runner but I have no doubt that you will take it all in stride!