Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Fun

Just a quick stop in to say "Hello!"  I came across some fun quizzes this week & wanted to share.  Normally I'm not big on taking the time to do these things.  I'm sure there are thousands of quizzes out there to waste my time away.  For whatever reason I did do these this week.  I was pretty amused by the results so I thought I would share the fun.

First one is a fitness calculator.  I saw it listed in a story about how a 90 some year old woman just ran the NY Marathon. Or something like that.  I didn't save that article and now for the life of me searching the internet I can't find any article like it.  Ok, so the gest of the story is how someone so "old" can run such a race and then goes on to say how our bodily age can mean one thing, but our fitness age can mean something completely different.  Hence, the test/quiz is to see what your fitness age is via your VO2 Max.  I'll save you all the technical talk on what that is, but in a general sense it's how well your body uses oxygen, most especially in terms of exercise.  (Anyone with more knowledge or a better, yet keep it simple way, of explaining it is more than welcome to jump in & comment).  Here.....just take the quiz!

Fitness Calculator

I was surprised....ok, maybe not really, to find out this:

Later in the week my friend Sarah posted a life expectancy quiz.  No clue how she came across it, but for fun (and because she mentioned me in her post, making me feel all warm & special) I took the quiz.

Life Expectancy Calculator

My dear friends & readers, I am going to be around for a looooong time:

Hopefully I'll still be running & taking my She Runs Everywhere to whole new global levels AND with a fitness age of someone half my age!!

What is your fitness age?

What is your life expectancy?

I'm posting these mostly just for fun.  While you can do something about your fitness age & a to some extent your life expectancy I know that only the one true God has full control over how long you will be on this earth.

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  1. My age is under 20. I didn't the life expectancy this time - I've done it before and it was 88.