Friday, May 2, 2014

Take the Plunge!

So there is this super popular thing going on right now where people are raising money for charity by participating in a Polar Plunge.  I do believe this has been around for quite some time.  I've known it to be mostly associate with the Special Olympics and it happens earlier in the year where people raise money & then run or plunge into icy cold water.  It seems to be trending on a whole new level and people everywhere are making videos of doing their polar plunge and they have to call out 3 people and dare them to do the same thing.  If a person completes the dare they owe a minimal amount of money, like $10.  If they don't then the stakes are higher and they are challenged to pay a larger amount like $100.

Of course, this is all in good fun.  No one will actually force you to pay these amounts, but it's a different approach to raising money for a cause or charity that someone cares about.

So I was called out and challenged to do a polar plunge.  Normally I'm up for any challenge, especially in the name of running.  Run 100 miles......OK!   Run in 100 degree weather.....OK!  Run in -30 weather......OK!  But jump into a pool or lake of freezing cold water.....whaaaaaat!  Are you crazy!?!?!?!  It got me thinking though because I don't like to back down from any challenge and I'm certainly willing to give money for charity.  So, I thought outside of the box and completed my version of a Polar Plunge.

However, before I share my video, my wheels didn't stop there.  I came up with a different version.....MY version of the challenge to start raising money for a charity that I am running a race for on June 1.  I had been approached by this charity awhile back to run for them, but I had not committed to the race.  And now, I've done both and as I was on the verge of telling you all and beginning to ask for sponsor donations I've come up with this super fun way to raise money.

I will be posting this video to several individuals, but if you know me & want to participate please consider donating to my fundraising efforts.  So, here is my video & then I will tell you the specifics of challenge & the charity that I am raising money for.

If you accept and participate in my Extreme Plunge, share your video and kindly donate $10 to my charity.  If you don't, please kindly donate $25 to my charity and I will let you off the hook on doing a fun, goof video of you taking the plunge!  (I will in no way force you to donate, but please consider donating to my team that I am racing for).

On June 1st, I am running the Galesburg Half Marathon and running for Team Asha for Life Community.   Asha for Life Community is an anti-human trafficking organization that was founded a couple of years ago by a friend Tom Colclasure & three other individuals.  Their mission is to combat human trafficking and sexual slavery.  Surprisingly, there are more slaves in the world today than during any other time in history.  Most are females and children being used as sex slaves.  In the past Asha has been funding organizations overseas who are doing the work or rescue and rehabilitation.  Now they are moving their focus to the U.S., where the problem is more underground, but shockingly prevalent.

Will you accept my challenge & do a fun, goofy Extreme Plunge? 

Will you donate and be a race sponsor as I run the Galesburg Half Marathon on June 1 for Team Asha for Life Community?

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