Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Runner's World Cover Contest

Recently on vacation I entered the Big Splash contest.

So it's fair to say I'm ok with entering contests.  Maybe because I'm really competitive and I can't pass up a chance to succeed at something.  Or because I like to have fun and am willing to go out of my comfort zone to take advantage of all that life has to offer me.  Although, I'm not sure I've ever entered a contest of national magnitude.  Nothing like trying for a spot to be on the cover of a internationally known magazine.  Like Runner's World.

Photo credit:  Runner's World Magazine

I have a lot of thoughts and insight to the whole idea, but for now I really want to get to word out there that I have entered this contest.  I'd really, really, REALLY appreciate all the votes I can get.  I'm a few weeks behind of getting my entry submitted, but I have a lot of faith in the many people in my life who will vote for me and help spread the word.  You can find a direct link to vote for me HERE or you can go to the Runner's World webpage & click on the upper right corner to find me amongst the entries.  

Here is the picture I submitted:

I seriously LOVE this picture of me running!!  If you would be so inclined to spread the word all over your social media I would certainly enjoy that too.  Make sure you include my hashtags #6packmomma #sherunseverywhere and the contest one #RWCoverContest  

I thank you much in advance & can't wait to see what happens!  I believe that anything is possible if you are just willing to go after it!!

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  1. Good luck - I voted and will try to remember to pop over every day to vote!!!