Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans's Day

I looked back through my blog & realized that I never posted about Veteran's Day.  Which, I find odd since, both Jim & I are both veterans.  It does seem so long ago, ok it was so long ago that we were in.  Even though it's just a glimmer of time it's such a huge part of who we are and how we came to where we are now.

Jim was in the Army for 8 years.  4 full time active duty, including a tour in Saudi Arabia during the First Gulf War and 4 years in the Reserves where he met me.  He was an airborne combat engineer.  His list of accomplishments are through the roof.

I was enlisted in the Army for 8 years.  3 years in the Reserves and 5 in the Inactive Ready Reserves.  To best sum up my time in the service I posted this picture last year.

Sometimes I don't feel worthy to say I served.  But I did and on Veteran's Day I hold my head high for my little itty bitty part I did to serve in the United States Military!!

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  1. You are totally worthy of saying you served - I think it's incredible that both of y'all served 8 years each!!! Definitely something to be proud of!