Tuesday, January 3, 2023


Seriously, if I could make money off of every time I thought or even every time I actually said on here that I was going to revive this blog then I'd be just a little bit richer.  So, yes, here I go.  New year, let's do this!

I will need to go back and do some recaps of things that happened last year in previous months.  If for anything, for myself.  That way I have something to look back to and reflect upon.  However since it's the beginning of 2023, let's start here and look ahead for the moment.

I'm not so much into making specific running goals.  I already spent many running years doing that and achieving many of them.  However as I have gotten older I'm finding that I just need to run and not worry so much of the specifics of time.  I'm not exactly thrilled with this idea because yes, I want to run faster.  I want to shoot for a PR.  I want to get back to having a BQ.  But my last few races have simply just been about finishing.  So I'm going to keep going with that idea.

To start off this year I officially signed up for my next marathon.

Last summer I went out & visited my daughter who lives in the Sacramento area.  We spent the last day in the San Francisco area and I made sure I had a run out there too.  Of course, living up to my She Runs Everywhere theme.  The day I flew out I found out that the San Francisco marathon was that day.  I honestly hadn't ever paid attention to that race, but now it was on my radar.   I looked ahead to this year's race & realized that it would be run on my daughter's birthday.  I don't need a reason to go out to visit my daughter, but throwing in a big race would definitely ensure that I get out there again.

I talked about and toyed with the idea over and over for several months.  I came up with a lot of reasons not to go run the race, yet I kept going back to thinking that I should.  So despite my what feels like endless health issues (minor in the big scheme of things, but still a pain to be dealing with), less than stellar end of year running and having an upcoming wedding to focus on (yes, I definitely need to blog about that!) I went with my gut and got registered for the race.

Since this post is about 2023 I will throw a few other running/race plans out there for the year.  In April I plan to run the Lincoln Presidential half marathon in Springfield, IL.  I've done that race many times & it is a favorite.  July will be San Francisco.  August will be my annual ultra at Howl at the Moon.  To round out the year I am hoping to run the New York marathon.  I won't know that for sure until February/March.  I will have to enter the lottery and hope to get chosen to run.  There may be other races in there too.  I just don't have them on my radar or made any plans for them yet.  And of course, plenty of running here, there & everywhere.  Running adventures as I always consider them.  

2023....I'm ready & waiting, so here we go!

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