Friday, July 8, 2011

100 things about me?

Dont' worry.  I don't actually get through 100 things in this post.  Hello!  I'm limited to 15 minute videos.  You know THAT is IMPOSSIBLE for me to do such a lengthy list is such a short amount of time.  Let's keep it real people : )

So I only got through 2.  Yes, that is it!  Leave me alone...ppppptttttttthhhhhhhhh!

Here they are in writing.  If you want my long winded talk it all out version, watch the video.

1.  I love to take pictures.  I love to have pictures taken of me.  Which doesn't happen too often, but I am constantly encouraging my family to "here, take a picture of this!" and I jump in with whatever that is.  I'm still only in about 20% of the pictures I have taken.  This can be for a few reason.  I am very sentimental & memory driven.  What better than a picture to capture that moment.  I love my life and I love seeing & remembering each & every breath taking moment!

Posting said pictures would be hard, because I have thousands upon thousands pictures in my possesion.  Some actual photos, others in digital format.  That would be interesting to actually get a count of how many pictures  I do have.  Maybe someday when I have "nothing" to do.  So I guess when I die then I'll  have time to figure that all out.  Note: please bury all my pictures with me : )

2. I love to sing!  To support what I talked about in my video, here is some pictures of me from the Sound of Music last summer.  I was a nun.  How fitting, right.  (DON'T LAUGH!)  Now dont' I look so holy here. (what did I tell you about the snickering either!)

Ok, so you know me too well and you know I can't help but have fun.  I'd never survive as a nun.  Not that nuns can't have fun.  That's not why I'd never pursue such a vocation.  First of all, I'm not Catholic.  That might help.  And since I have 6 kids you know I like to have lots of SEX!  (Oh my.....I just said that 3 letter "S" word!)

I don't have too many picures of me performing.  I did find these:

Singing at my senior concert with my good friend Jacob Neff:

A newspaper clipping:

A nice picture of the musical that I am going to be in next week:

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