Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday's Motivation

ETA:  It's late on Monday evening.  I should be putting the kids to bed, but they are being good and I'm determined to get this posted.  So here I go....I started this earlier this afternoon. 

I am SO EXCITED!  I just got off the phone with our fantabalous running store Go Outside & Play Running Co.  Little did you know or realize that my next post will be post 100!!!!  It kind of snuck up on me too and now I'm all excited about it and have something super fun planned for that post.  Should be tomorrow, but I make no promises as this is one busy week for me : )

STILL working through details on my Backyard 100 mile Challenge.  Yes, I'm afraid that once I set everything up that I will fall & break my leg or something crazy that will prohibit me from doing this.  Yes, I'm afraid of failing.  Yes, I'm afraid of looking/sounding like a big idiot trying to pull of such a feat.  Although none of that matters because, yes....I will still try and accomplish this.  It reminds me of this:

For the last several months I've been wondering.  Can I do this?  100 miles?  In 24 hours?  Well, I'm tired of wondering!!  I can't literally start this very moment.  Mentally I have started.  I've stopped wondering and am determined to get out there & try no matter what!  Word is getting around too.  At least in my little neck of the woods.  People are beginning to ask me about it.  Old.  Young.  Men.  Women.  Those interested in running with me, even if for just part of it and those who just want to hear about it.

Onto other news, today I signed up for Howl at the Moon.  It's the 8 hour Ultra that I have done the last 2 years.  I don't like registering for races so far in advance, but this race has a limited field and it always sells out within a couple of weeks, maybe a month tops.  I didn't think twice though.  I love this race.  The first year I ran 34 miles.  Last year I ran 38 miles.  I am shooting for 40 miles this year.  We'll see how I do. 

More...other news, then I'm calling it a night!  I got a package in the mail from a fellow blogger and Team Tough Chik member Jess.  I had participated in her Jelly Bean Virtual Run.  It was loads of fun on my end and I had the funnest time running around part of town in a full bunny costume.  Since I took part of the fun and Jess & her sponsors were VERY generous with prizes I won a package full of goodies for having the BEST COSTUME!  Look at all the swag I got:

I was so excited when the package was delivered.  I was like a kid on Christmas morning ripping open the box.  Thank you so much Jess!  Not only for the prizes, but for putting such an awesome race together.

Ok, peeps....don't forget to check back tomorrow for my 100th POST!  I have a big announcement you don't want to miss!!!!

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