Thursday, August 2, 2012

3 Things Thursday: Miles, Mexico & Olympic action

1.  July Recap:  I ran a total of 130 miles!!!!  That is 25ish more miles than last month.  I ran every single day (currently on day 65 of streak).  I took 11 "rest days" in which I only ran 1 mile.  This does not count any biking, swimming, weightlifting or pilates that I completed as well.  130 miles marks an all time monthly high in miles for me.  My previous record was set in July '10 with 101 miles.  I started to track my running & miles in August '09.  Even though I've been running since I was like 10, I know that my running prior to these last few years in nothing compared to what I do now.  I also switched my focus from nothing but 5ks to, half & full marathons & ultra running/racing.  Not to mention that since becoming an adult (as in 18 & married) I am in new territory where this is the longest I have gone without being pregnant or giving birth.  I have "older" kids & all this makes a big difference in my running changes & moving forward in what I want to accomplish.  This is just the beginning!!!!!

2.  My oldest daughter leaves for Mexico in 2 days.  Last year she also went on this trip, along with my husband and I distinctly remember being a big ole mess over it.  Mostly because it was the 1st time I had had either one of them travel in such fashion.  This time it's just my Angel (that's really her name, not in reference to what a perfect angelic child she is....haha!  come now, she IS a teenager) who is going to Mexico.  I didn't seem to bother me much at all that she is traveling internationally, this time without either of her parents.  I don't know if it's my busy crazy schedule that keeps me from thinking about it or if I'm getting better at loosening the strings a little more.  I thought I was all honkey dorey, until the last week and I find something pulling at my heart about letting her go and getting all teary eyed and emotional about it.  Oh, I know she's such a big girl and she will be just fine, as will I, but she's still my baby.  That will never change.  I love her so much and hold her dear no matter how old she is or what she is doing in life!!  Ok...enough of this mushy talk, I'm getting myself all worked up!

3.  I've been watching A TON of tv!  Very unlike me, I'm actually not much of a tv fan at all.  Me?  Sit down, sit still long enough to watch something?  Ha!  I rarely ever "just watch" tv.  I usually fold laundry or work on something while watching a show or in this case the Olympics.  Yep, I'm an Olympic junkie.  Thank good for dvr.  Even though I'm days behind and I've already heard who has won what I will still go through and watch my favorites.  I love gymnastics & swimming, I was surprised how much I enjoyed and got sucked into the diving and the best is yet to come with running!  Yes, I plan to get up at 5 a.m. on Sunday to watch the women's marathon.  Yes, I know my tv will be dvr'ing it.  It's one of the few things you can watch live and I don't want to miss a minute of it.  I DO NOT want to flip on the computer or tv later in the day & hear/see a spoiler about who wins and how it happened.  I'm excited for the 3 women representing the USA (Go Kara, Desi & Shalane!!!!) and no matter what they are gold in my heart.  Even though she's not from the US, it does break my heart to see Paula Radcliff pull out.  I understand and deeply respect why she is.  She's so awesome & great, it's a shame to not see her run.  It's killing me even more to have to wait a whole week to see the men's marathon.  I have said all along that my dear Ryan Hall will sweep the gold!  I would love, love, love to see both the men & the women take all the medals in both races.  Ugh....I CAN'T WAIT!  Until then I have more Olympic catching up to do and I have my own Olympic race(s) to compete in since I am participating in Run with Jess' Virtual Olympics.  There will be no shortage of Olympic action in my life at this time!!!!

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