Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vloggin' Wednesday: I'm ok


  1. So glad you're coming out tonight! We can miss our Jim's together...and eat junk food...and laugh...and cry if we want...cuz it's OUR party! *giggle*

    And I know your husband is proud of you. You are an incredible wife & Mom. HOW you do 6 kids is beyond me. I spaced mine 6.5 yrs apart in hopes of keeping my sanity...and that wasn't even possible some years. *guilty Mama face*

    As a Mama of over 25 years, I completely understand your - oh, let's call it lack of motivation. I went thru that when I had kids at home. Then I was an empty-nester and it was so much easier. Now I'm back to having kids in the house (and just on the weekends, mind you) and I'm right there with ya, Sister! I think for me, it's hard to be motivated when no one else seems to care about the house. And we have TWO of em now! *mental head slap* I'm only at the big GBG house a couple days a week, and you know this place is huge. It's such a drag to come home and have already cleaned the BRL house that week, ya know? *LOL* opened a can of worms with this vlog! *giggle* I'm gonna shut up now. *blush*

    Love ya, gf!

  2. I got pretty tired of cleaning up after everyone about 10 years ago. My house is now a total disaster. For a while I did FLY means Finally Loving Yourself. We are so caught up in our perfectionism that we end up doing nothing at all because we can't do it perfect, right, or correct. Good system really I just ended up falling off the wagon again. Now that my college kids are off to school, the plan is to get a good cleaning going and rearrange some furniture but doing it in baby steps. Just 15 minutes here and there until I finish the front room, then off to another room. Working so far (all 2 days of it! LOL) Good luck, hang in there and hope Jim arrives home safely tomorrow (I think I read that somewhere.) M.E.