Thursday, February 28, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1.  Ok, so yeah, I need to put on my big girl panties and quit being a baby about racing on Saturday.  I'll be fine.  I'm pretty sure that all my labors combined won't equal the time or effort I will put into completing this 50k.  So, if I can push out 6 kids, I'm pretty sure I can get this done.  I was just opening up a little yesterday, showing some of my humanness.  I'm sure you all thought I was, but I'm really not perfect.  I have doubts.  I struggle.  I freak out.  Now that I've aired all that I'll tuck it back away and go back to being perfectly awesome!  I came across a post on Salty Running yesterday.  It was nicely titled Fake It Until You Make It.  It's just the kick in the pants I needed to keep pushing toward this race and through it.  As far as I know with the exception of a person or two nobody even knows who I am.  It's possible that someone saw & read yesterday's post.  Let's just assume nobody has.  Therefore, nobody that I will see at the race knows that I'm freaking out over never racing in some of these conditions.   I'll just need to walk in, strut my stuff and off I go.  I'm guessing I'm not the only person having the same fears and worries too.  So, come on now Hawkeye 50k, let's bring it on and get the show on the road!

Here are 2 updated pictures posted from the race director:
 (part of a trail we run on)
(the dreaded spillway)

2.  I had said earlier in the week that to take it easy I was limiting myself to 4 easy miles and they would be inside on the treadmill.  After my little freak out yesterday I thought it might not be a good idea to completely stay in.  I felt the need to prepare a little more for the snow and wetness.  So my run yesterday was outside.  Still only 4 miles and still kept them easy (which was hard to do because I felt great from all my rest).  I've been toying around with some ideas on what to do to be prepared for the race.  What can I do to deal with, most specifically running through ankle deep water.  I started off by buying me a new pair of winter/trail running shoes.  I'm a Brooks fan so I went with their GTX (mine are aqua color).  So far, I'm loving them!  The other idea I've toyed with is running with plastic bags on my feet.  I know, it sounds awfully red neckish, but I've tried it and it really works.  The combination of the two are bound to help me in my race.  I will admit, I feel pretty silly about doing it, but if it works, it works!

3.  Today marks the end of February.  It sure doesn't feel like it.  I don't normally equate March with a lot of snow, but everywhere I look there is LOTS of it.  Won't be going anywhere anytime soon either.  It's making the winter drag on longer than what it needs to be.  I know it will accomplish anything by sitting here moaning about the situation, so let me just focus on my run numbers for this month.

I ran 139.35 miles in February.  My vacation and recent rest days brought that down a little from last month.   I have continued with my streaking and as of today I have ran for 277 days.  I'm still have my Run This Year goal to run 2013 miles in 2013.  So far I have logged 282.5 toward that goal.  I'm actually a little behind to being on track, but I'm sure I'll catch up at some point.  I'm sure running 31 miles in one day will help!

That's right....get out of here!!!!

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