Monday, February 11, 2013

Ready or Not Here I Come!!

It can be often true that you need a vacation from taking a vacation.  After our week at Disney, I really needed a week to sleep in, lounge around and soak up (some more) sun!  It also seems to be that no matter how much you keep working to get back into your groove you still need just a little more time.  All last week I kept saying and thinking "I'm getting back to it", but didn't quite feel I was there.  My standard of "normal" is pretty high so that makes it hard enough.  Then I had to go and deal with being sick and that, well, it really just sucked.  I know, boo hoo, cry me a river.  I really got off easy in terms of how bad it could have been, but it still sucked none the less.  Anyway.....

My friend, Jill, commented about her next ultra (Hawkeye 50k) coming up in (now) 19 days.  At first I smiled and was happy for her.....until I realized that I am running the same race!  Zoinks!!!!  I'm not ready for that! was my first thought.  I just got home from vacation and I've been sick (I know you all feel so sorry for me).  Sure my running had been going really great, but again, the above reasons took it to not quite a grinding halt, but a pretty slow crawl.  Ugh!

No more working my way back into things.  No more excuses, even if they are understandably justifiable.  Vacation is OVER and my sickness has been kicked to the curb!

I kicked it into gear over the weekend with not only 1, but 2, 10 mile runs.  The first one went fast and was "easy".  Actually I was with my running partner and the time passed with ease and we distracted ourselves.  The second one I was by myself at the Y on the treadmill.  That, dear readers, is a good definition of an awful time!  But I got it done (and it really wasn't THAT bad, I was just bored out of my mind!)!  Today being Monday was no excuse either.  It's been 3 weeks, but I got back to my regular training schedule.  That meant up and at the Y at 5:30 a.m. for a 10 mile bike and a 2 mile run.  Later I went back and took a Spartacus class and swam 1/2 mile.  For extra fun (actually I was just helping out a friend) I taught her fitness class at the college which was a Les Mills body pump class.  I have never done that before.  Oh.  my.  goodness!!  It's debatable if I'll even be able to move tomorrow.  Either way, I'm back on track FOR REAL now!  I've got me an ultra in 19 days!!!!

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  1. Welcome back girl!! Get it! And good luck... you're brave lol.