Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I have 10 minutes....TEN, to get this done.  I probably shouldn't even try at all, but I distinctly remember posting about just blogging & getting it done.  No time for them perfect conditions.

Someone forgot to set her alarm this morning.  No, wait, correction.  Someone DID set her alarm for this morning, she just forgot to turn it up so she could hear it go off.  Leaving the volume turned down to zero is of no help.  (well, duuuuuh).  I awoke anyway, but not at my predetermined time.  Thanks to my bellowing cat (which at the time wasn't sure if it was a crying kid upstairs) I was awoken from a very deep sleep.  Complete total state of REM was happening and it took me a few minutes to even fully awake and look at my clock.  4:40!!!!  That had me jumping out of bed.  I was suppose to make pizza dough before I ran, but now that was not going to happen.  I got dressed in record time and hurried out the door.

Getting smacked in the face with HOT MUGGY air is not a very pleasant hello to my morning.  Quite honestly, it's getting on my nerves.  Kinda like when I was sick and tired of having to wear running tights and long sleeves for my morning runs back in April.  I distinctly remember thinking "really, could you warm up a little?!?!?!?"  Ooops, be careful what you ask for.

Because my morning was rushed my thoughts were totally random during my run.  I do try and pay attention to what I think about.  Sometimes it's easy, sometimes I run and then think "what DID I think about".  I often try to include prayer time in my run.  That can include anything from a 10 second "dear Lord...blah, blah, blah" to a continous non stop chat with my creator.  Today was full of short random prayers.  In between I though of this blog.  What I would/could blog about.  The most pressing thing on my mind was the Olympics.  This was brought on by Whitney Houston's rendition of the Star Spangled Banner which belted from my ipod.     I closed my eyes for a moments, belted out a few notes and wondered what it felt like to stand on an Olympic podium and hear this song.  I once, ok still, do have aspirations of being an Olympic runner.  It really needs a post all to itself.  Someday I'll get to it.

For now, though, my 10 minutes is up.  I probably went longer than that.  Mostly due to having to stop and greet my precious 3 year old princess as she arose from bed and got her some breakfast.  Of course once I rose from my chair I suddenly realized....wow I drank A LOT of coffee this morning and had to make other pit stops along the way of getting back on here to finish.

I need to go make up my pizzas (dough did get made up, just later rather than sooner) and head out the door for a meeting.  Until next time.....(sing with me now) AND THE HOOOOOOOME OF THEEEEEEEEE BRAAAAAAAAVE!

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