Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I haven't ran in 6 days.  That wasn't my plan.  I was suppose to run last Thursday so I'd only take 9 days off.  Now I will have taken off 10 days off before my big race.  Not that 1 days is going to make a big difference anywhere.  It's not like I really follow any kind of plan anyway.

People ask me all the time...."so what are you doing to train for this race or that race?"  I blankly stare at them and say "Run????"  I am horrible at following any kind of racing plan.  I never have, don't know if I ever will.  I don't like people or some mysterious someone telling me what to do.  I'm a rebel.  If you say something, anything "has" to be done this way or that way, I will question it.  I will challenge it.  Especially when I know that the way I do it is just fine.  Maybe my way isn't perfect or masterminded, but why do what "they" say I should do when I get along just fine on my own.

So someone wants me to follow a piece of paper training schedule that "they" (WHO IS this they?) say will get me on track to running the perfect 5k, 10k, marathon, whatever.  I don't need the motivation.  I don't need someone to tell me to go run, I do that perfectly well on my own.  This plan will often include speed workouts, hills, long runs, rest days, etc etc.  I tend to do most of this on my own.  I'm actually not a fan of speed work or track workouts.  Sure it may help me in some areas, but then again, I can still crank out a 7/7:30 pace in a 5k.  When I did my 1st half marathon, I kept to an 8 minute pace with no problem.  Tempo runs, intervals, etc.  I do ok without it.

Maybe if I was really pressing for Olympic times or some elite status I'd need such a plan.  I'd also need a personal trainer.  A nanny for my kids.  A housekeeper for my house.  A chef would be nice too.  But I'm me.  Carmen Peterson.  Wife of Jim for 16 some years, mom to 6 children.  I don't need a plan.  I just need to run.  And run I do and it fills me & completes me just the way I am.

This was not what I meant to talk about.  I got off on a tangent.  I'm suppose to be stressing my rest plan.  The last 3 nights I have gotten a solid 8 hours of sleep each night.  Of course, prior to that I had stayed up til 5 a.m. and had to be back up at 8:45 then went all day with no rest & inadvertently stayed up til 2 a.m. the next day.  It's fair to say I desperately needed those 8 hour nights, just to get caught up from my mini series of all nighters.  I think the late nights were an attempt to keep myself so busy and so tired that I wouldn't think about how much I am missing my husband & daughter in Mexico.  That can only get me so far though and my body begins to crash & burn.  This icky cold & sinus gunk began to really flare up again.  I knew I had to get back to my full nights of rest or everything would go down the tube  before I got to my big race on Saturday.

For now, to keep myself busy I am off visiting family & friends.  I had the lovely Weas family reunion to attend to over the weekend.  The kids & I then hit the road to visit friends in far off places of the mysterious unknown.  Ok, ok, it's "only" Iowa.  But I love this place.  It's home.  Always has been, always will be.

I am getting that blah state of feeling where I am feeling fat &incredibly out of shape.  I have to urge to throw on my shoes & want to hit the road for some good runs.  But I won't.  Or can't.  I purposely didn't pack any running gear.  So I'll continue to rest, rest, rest.

Just thought I'd throw in a picture of me.  I know it's not a good picture, the big shadow across my face.  I really miss the photo/video element of my blog.  Anyway, this was taken along the mighty Mississippi while at the family reunion.  Just proof that I am alive & (looking?) well.

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