Thursday, January 5, 2012


I don't know if I'm over thinking this whole blog thing or what. Part of me doesn't care if I only reach a few faithful friends. Yet my mind races with the possibilities of how big & grand it can all be. I can get a little blog envy when I see other blogs that have awesome giveaways, 100's of followers and daily comments out the wahzoo. I know it's a process. I may be on my way there, I may not. Part of that is my problem, I don't know if I'm on track with a great blog or not. I've been told that there is potential. Back to the flip side though, I want to reach/touch those that mean something to me and I to them. I'm all about fans & a big following, but at the end of the day who comes home with me (figuratively). Who is there when it really matters? I have those friends that keep me going, giving me a chin up when I am down, listening when no one else will, reads this blog faithfully no matter what. I hope you know who you are because you mean so much to me. Without you I would have likely given up on this venture a long time ago.

I know...I's all about balance. A little of this, a little of that. And even if you aren't a dear friend like mentioned above, that doesn't mean that you won't become one. Through another website & social media outlet I have met some amazing women who became dear friends and I have never met many of them in person. The possibilities are unlimited.

Soooo, I'm rambling on a bit. The main thinking through this post was to ask loyal fans & friends.....what would you like to see from this blog. Do you like my video segments? Should I do them more? or less? Do you like my daily entries after I'm done running or what not? (ok, I've only done that once, twice if you count the one I will post from today). I know some of you are new to following & reading me. But what do you like? What would you like to see? I'm open to many ideas. If I can video myself numb after a dentist, I can do a lot of things. It doesn't matter if you are a faithful or infrequent follower I would love to hear from you. I can/will take all things into consideration as long as I stay true to myself and what I stand for/believe.


I did workout this morning. Got my rear out of bed. I did a little better on getting to bed last night. Was so tired I had no choice but to sleep good. Ran, taught my pilates class, then swam 1/2 mile. I was hungry the whole time. Since I got back to better eating I have been waking up hungry. I have read that is good. You should wake up hungry. If you wake up & are still full from the previous day, you are eating too much at night. I should be consuming enough calories for the present day. You know eating to live, not living to eat. Anyway, I forget about the hunger once I get moving. I did grab a banana to eat after my run. That helped. It's tough with the early morning eating balance. I don't like to eat early, partly for time reasons. I've also "heard" that working out before eating is better for burning calories, fat and such. That's not the real reason I don't eat. But hey, if it helps.....who knows. Anyway....more balance. : /

While running this morning and thinking about the whole blog thing I came up with one good idea. I've noticed how some blogs have certain days they do certain things. Like Three Things Thursday. I don't know if I'll take on that specific thing. I did think of Music Mondays. I've not seen that on a blog, but I think it would work. I LOVE music and listen to it often, working out or not. I have some other blogs that talk about or include their playlist for the day. I like that but don't think I want to include that with every post. Once enough would be good.

Here is my running post from this morning. Still not sure if I like this idea or not. I want to purposely keep it short. You know me, once I get talkin' I never shut up : )


  1. I like the quick-hit video like this. About the run, about gear, about what you're doing. Good stuff.

  2. What don't you like about the BondiBand neck gator? I was thinking of ordering one of those for a face cover. Would love your opinion...