Monday, January 16, 2012

Music Mondays = Music to my soul

My eyes are really droopy & I'm ready to crawl into bed. Yet, it is only 1 p.m. I was a little bad and stayed up late last night. I was especially tired after yesterdays run so I was ready for some good sleep. Except once I finally got to bed I could not get to sleep. Not! fair! Once I finally slept I only had a few hours before I had to get up to teach my cardio class at the Y.

After my class I had plans to meet up with Angela, my running partner. We had already planned to run Friday, which didn't happen. Then Saturday, didn't happen again. I invited her to come run with me yesterday, but she had other plans. Today we had said it was do or die....we were going to run no matter what!!!! It's a good thing neither one of us communicated much before meeting, because we would have both admitted that we were too pooped to get out there. Knowing that one was waiting/counting on the other kept us true to our commitment.

Despite the persistent winter wind we headed outdoors for our run. We considered running side by side on the treadmill, but both knew we'd go longer is we headed out on a certain route. We managed 4.5ish miles and feel pretty good at the end. Time always go faster and the run somehow easier when with a friend/running partner.

I have been beyond blessed to have Angela. We are actually newer friends & running partners. I knew of her for several years because I coached her daughter on a soccer team many years ago. When I took over teaching Tuesday & Thursday pilates class Angela was a regular attender & I would see her often. I still think it was a year or so before we started seeing each other at area races & after a few conversations realized how much we both love running. Slowly but surely we began socializing outside of just races and my class at the y. Naturally we started running together every so often and even traveled to and raced some together, but we had no real plan of attack. Just some randomness.

It seemed to be over this past summer that we actually saw very little of each other due to various vacation & traveling plans and we realized how much we did depend on and really enjoy each other for motivation and company. We suddenly realized we were running partners. It's not like we set out to do this. We didn't look at each other & say we are going to be running partners. It just happened quietly & naturally & suddenly it was like, we ARE running partners. We are very different in our lives, yet very much the same. We do have a very similar take on our racing & running and it helps that our pace is very similar. We keep each other moving & motivated. We fully believe in honesty and accountability even in other areas besides running. Because yes, there is a lot more to life than running. As much as we feel bonded we actually don't do everything running.  My husband and her sisters also enjoying running & racing so we often venture out with them & not each other.  We also have busy different lives so sometimes time just passes and we go weeks without connecting up.  Recently we committed to trying to run together once a week.  Regardless of how long, it never fails that when we do set out it seems like yesterday & we never skipped a beat.

Since today is a holiday there is no school and for me, my husband has the day off. That is the only way a Monday run after my cardio class was possible. I typically do some sort of speed workout on the treadmill, but was open to doing anything since I was running with Angela. I also didn't listen to any music. I don't need to. When we run together she is my music for me. My motivation. My distraction. She is music to my soul. She is my running partner : )

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