Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday's Motivation or some kind of junk like that

I know I'm suppose to give you with some sort of motivation hurrah. Right now I'm about to drop kick something into next week since it has been almost a week since I last ran. So perhaps I need a shirt to wear that says this:

In my defense, I don't think I have been too bad.  Or have I (please be honest & tell me)?  With our exchange student visiting and some other life hiccups & stressors I've had PLENTY to distract myself.  And it's not like I've been totally inactive.  Some days I'm on my feet so much just from cleaning the house.  I folded two laundry days worth of clothes (about 10 loads) and it took me an hour and half.  I never dawned on me to sit that whole time.  I always stand when I fold laundry.  I also usually watch my CSI or some tv show on my laptop.  Talk about multitasking.  That's how I roll.

So, plenty to keep me distracted.  Plenty to still keep me very active.  Just no running (and very little to no actual exercise).  I've been ok, but I totally crashed and burned yesterday and stuffed myself with junk food until I felt sick and then I ate some more.   I knew something had felt off the last few days, something I couldn't put my finger on.  Way down underneath I just felt weird, slightly depressed, a little catty with my thoughts, feelings, etc..  When I woke up this morning I think I realized it's from my lack of exercise and running.  If I didn't pick myself up right then and there & get determined to get back on track I was easily going to continue to slip into a real deep funk.  So, I put on my big girl panties, gave myself a chin up and pushed through this morning with the determination that this will NOT get me down.  This will NOT define me.  I WILL SURVIVE!  *annnnd cue song* : )

On the bright side of things, my foot has stopped hurting.  I also saw my doctor friend who ordered my xray for me.  She thinks it's tendonitis.  I am going to go for a test run tomorrow.  Even thought I don't truly believe in such superstitions, I'm keeping fingers (and maybe my toes too) super crossed for a good, pain free run.  And more importantly no pain afterwards.  I have a slight theory on what is the source of my problem.  We'll see how things go before I jump on board about those thoughts & reasons.  More bright side of things, I taught my cardio dance class this a.m. and biked at a good fast pace for 40 minutes.  My foot is completely fine so far. : )

Who knows if this was motivational or not.  I'm way out on the edge of trying to keep my sanity during this little blip of my running life.  It's not always peaches & cream, but I'm hanging in there, determined to NEVER let go.

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