Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Yes it's Tuesday.  I'll get to my tunes (my whole whopping 4 of them) in a minute.

I have been doing some thinking about my foot.  Maybe I should take a break from running.  I seriously question my sanity when I even think those words.  Honestly too, it brings tears to my eyes.  Yes, that is how much I love running and how much it is just a part of me.  To be blunt, it just plain sucks that after a really sucky year I was bound & determined to be even better and strong than EVER.  I certainly got off to a good start.  I've been streaking for 60 days, a life record.  Nothing to be bummed about there.  I think my streak before that was like 7.  I looked back at my mileage too.  I posted 91 miles last month.  I fell short of my 100 mile mark. I have yet to ever do a 100 mile month.  So close.  Still nothing to be bummed about.  But I had not had that great of a running month since July 2010!!!!  Interestingly enough that is exactly the time that I got my first of many injuries and where I slowly but surely spun out of control with my lack luster training.

UGH!  Why can't I just run?!?!?!?!  Yes, I run so I can eat and support my love of food.  Buy cool running gear.  Actually spend money on shoes.  Justify over a dozen Bondi Bands.  There are a lot of reasons why I run.  But if you take away ALL of that I really do just love to run.

ALRIGHT!  I'm working myself up into a emotional frenzy.  I shouldn't be so dramatic.  It's not like I'll never run again.  I'm not having my legs amputated.  My foot just hurts really bad.  It's been a week with no relief.  It has let up some from time to time, but not a second of relief for a week now.  I sent off a text to my midwife who also happens to be another running friend.  I don't have a regular doctor for general health issues.  I have friends who practice medicine and bounce things off of them from time to time.  I was actually considering going to see a new md here in town since I should have one for such issues.  Anyway, after texting her, she called me.  Doesn't sound like PF to her.  Normally once you get going and get those ligaments stretched out the pain & discomfort goes away.  Mine has been non-stop.  Today, just stepping out of the van is giving me massive pain.  Something else could be going on.  We'll see.

I did run.  I woke up with my foot not hurting *too* bad.  That is when I considered, maybe I should not run and see if that helps or keep the pain from getting worse.  Then I went through my whole mental pep talk of "come on....just ONE mile, you can do that!".  So I did.  I had only taken about 4 steps when pain shot through my foot.  A few more steps and things felt ok.  Completely manageable.  I went through this back & forth ordeal during my one mile.  It's actually like that all the time.  Sometimes not so bad (but still there), sometimes so bad I can barely stand or walk normal.  Here is the songs that played while I was on the treadmill.  I'll keep you posted on my foot.

I Get Weak - Belinda Carlise
He Could Be the One - Hannah Montana
Lean On Me - Bill Withers
Tomorrow - Annie yes, I sang this outloud, go ahead...sing along too : )

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