Friday, August 10, 2012

5 (but really 4ish) Things Friday

1.  Yeah....I pretty much ignored you guys this week.  I thought about you.  Lovingly paused at the computer a time or two and thought "I should blog".  Things are starting to really pick up for me though.  School is just around the corner (next week!!) and so starts the beginning of band (which I am vp of and massively involved in), cross country (high school and jr. high), football, volleyball tryouts & Gadets (dance squad for the h.s.).  I also start my new fitness position at CSC in a few weeks and have a big regional training for the Y in less than a month.  ACK!  Mix all that in with a lot of late night Olympic tv viewing, but still early morning wake up times and that little sleep easily leads to poor eating habits.  Yeah......things are starting to spiral down hill.  It's like the last tail spin of summer.  I'm looking forward to TOMORROW (!!!!) and then next week look to be starting anew.   You might be looking at more blogging gaps as I set out to get things back on track.  Don't worry...I'm not going anywhere.  You can't get rid of me THAT easily!

2.  TOMORROW!  Yeah!!!!  This is it!  It's here!  My long (ok, it seems long since I registered back in April) Howl at the Moon.  I am SO EXCITED for this!  8 hours of (mostly) non stop running.  My goal:  40 miles (at minimum, more is even better).  This is my 3rd year doing this race.  In previous years I accomplished 34 & 36 miles.  40 is totally doable.  Especially since (unlike the past 2 years) I am having my best training/running summer on record.  My plan of attack:  RUUUUUN!  Ok, well duh!  This course is a 3.26 mile loop.  Each loop I stop by my tent and fuel up, even if it's just a swig of water, Gatorade, Gu....whatev.  I will not sit to "rest".  I can/will sit to go to the bathroom and change shoes.  That's it.  If I am tired and honestly need a reprieve then I may rest, quite possibly while icing down, in the shade while standing.  I will not sit unless it's physically impossible for me to stand or until the 8 hours is over.  I know once I sit then it's just downhill from there.  You know how Dory says "Just keep swimming", well Carmen will be chanting "Just keep running, just keep running, running, running, running......"

3.  I miss my baby girl.  I call all by kids baby girl or baby boy.  They are always my baby in my heart, no matter how big they are.  I've been fine all week.  Not giving too much thought to her being gone.  I've been plenty distracted.  On facebook they post daily updates on how they are doing, etc., but I've had no direct contact with her.  Today they posted some video and pictures.  I will not lie it took one simple look to bring tears to my eyes.  I miss her!

4.  Hmmmmmm.......I started out with this being a 5TF post.  But my mind has wandered and I'm thinking about all I need to do to get out the door for Howl at the Moon.  I could post about the weather.  I could tell you about my virtual track meet with Run With Jess, but I don't have pictures uploaded.  I should mention that my knee hurts.  I guess I could make that #5, but I'm too distracted to really expand upon that, so I'll just casually mention it.  I could tell you the gazillion things I need to get done, but honestly will only get a million things done.  Time is ticking!  And I leave today for Howl.  And I'm SUPER excited!  If it weren't for the house being completely quiet right now I'd be jumping up and down screaming....I CAN'T WAIT FOR TOMORROW!  BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!

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