Monday, August 6, 2012

Lakeland Bi-Tri Classic Race Recap

Last Saturday I raced the Lakeland Bi-Tri Classic in Canton, IL.  I had not raced an outdoor triathlon in 10 years.  I also didn't train too much or specifically for this race.  Running is my most favorite thing to do and I tend to do it a lot so swimming & biking tend to take a back seat.  Really, the purpose of this race (for me) was to just get back into tri racing and see where I was.  I'd like to start doing a few a year, but don't expect it to take over or take away from my running.

Having no real goals or expectations (except to finish) was actually nice.  Typically I am very competitive.  I don't think I speak too much of it, but inwardly I am.  I'd be lying if I said I focused strictly on myself before, during and after the race.  It nudged in there a little, but I kept reminding myself that this was just a starting point.  I'm sure I can improve on all 3 areas, but I just had to keep telling myself it is what it is.  I think I did a good job at being ok with it!

Here I am before the race, setting up my transition area.  My bike is "old" and I was aware of that, but hey it's functional and rode really well.  Not in a gazillion years will we be able to afford another road bike so I'm just happy with what I have.  If you know me in real life and how we live anyway, this is so typical of me.  It's paid for and gets the job done....who cares about how it looks.

 I was amused by my timing chip.  Back in the day when I did do a few tri s there was no such thing.  At least not in midwest small town places where I live.  Actually even in running I can remember a day where chip timing was unheard of.  Anyway, I felt a little like a criminal with this device strapped onto my ankle. (Not that I know anything about how that feels anyway).

My family took off to eat breakfast so they missed the start of my race.  There was 4 swim waves, going from fastest to slowest.  I had no clue where I would rank in swimming so I purposely chose the slowest wave.  I should have got right out in front of the pack once they started our wave, but again being hesitant (and purposely no competitive) kept me back.  This made it tough to really get moving in the water.  I am way too nice to just plow over people.  (Yes, that happens).  Once I got to the front of the pack I had no problem with my swim.  I even caught up to the back of the wave in front of me.

Here I am coming out of the lake & heading to the transition area:

Biking is my least favorite of the 3 sports.  I do tend to throw some biking into my regular workout, but riding a stationary exercise bike is much different than a real bike, outside on a real road.  Somethings a machine can not mimic.  I did get out a ride my bike some this summer in preparation for this race, but not nearly enough needed to truly train.  Even then, the bike went much faster and better than expected.

I felt pretty good during my run.  I was afraid to go out too hard and then die before the end.  I kept it fairly conservative.  (Note: I forgot to put my skirt on.  It's the first time I have ran w/out a skirt in a year.  It felt weird!)

 The Numbers:  ahhhh, yes....this is where I get a little competitive and/or compare myself against others.  I still stand firm in my self confidence of myself.  I did fine, really not to bad for just seeing where I was.  I certainly put some effort into this race, but didn't go all out in any one area.  For those like to crunch numbers here is the break down of my race:

Swim (500 yards)
ranked 66/142 overall men & women


Bike (12 miles)
44:56.10 (avg. 16 mph)


Run (3.1 miles)
24:27.35 (8:09 pace)

Finish time

I only had the option of seeing my rank with the overall male & female field.  I could not do a women only analysis.  I could see my age group.  There was 8 ladies in the 35-39 age group, I was 6th so I didn't get an award.  It was the most competitive group.  I checked and if I had been in almost any other age group I would have placed.  That is ok, though, I really felt like I did great at this seeing how it goes race.  Sure I could have done better.  Yes, I can make plenty of improvements.  Overall, I am very happy with my performance!

The race itself was very nice & organized.  Lots of good signage.  You knew where you were going, what the course was.  Lots of support along the way.  There was a lot more than 142 people there.  They also offer a duathlon, team options, Clydesdale & Athena categories and a kids bi/triathlon.  I plan to do this race again next year!! 

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  1. Congrat! Sounds like a great race and you did so well! I thought it was so funny you forgot the skirt. Before I read the post, I looked at all the photos and thought that you decided against it! Great job and you looked AMAZING!