Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Busy, busy

Wooooooo Weeeeeeee........have I been busy!!  I knew this was coming & I was ready, so I'm not complaining that things have really picked up in my personal life.

My job at the Y has been very slow for most of the summer.  Going in to teach pilates 2x a week is something I've been doing for many years.  I could practically do it in my sleep.  Which sometimes at 6 a.m. I feel like I AM still asleep.  However coming up in September (yeah, next month!) my Y is hosting a Regional Training Event (RTE) for YMCA of the USA.  Normally this means a lot of hands on responsibility for me as I'm assigned trainer candidates, have to work along side of them & oversee & evaluate their student teaching.  However this year they are  not running my class that I'm faculty trainer in, so I get to take a little step back.  Instead they asked me to teach a 4 hour CEC course.  Got it.  Easy peasy.  Within our own staff the person who did most of the dealings with headquarters just moved to another Y.  Yay for her, she got promoted to executive director.  While another full time employee took over her position I'm the only other person who has the experience of running a RTE.  So I'm helping out quite a bit.  There is a lot of underlying working that goes into running such an event.  I'm no expert by any means either so I'm always emailing or on the phone with our guy from headquarters.  It's a lot of work, but I'm enjoying it.  Even though my hours are really up - which by that I mean I worked 10 hours last week...I know woo hoo, big deal, but coming from 0, it's a jump up - I still get to dictate my hours of when I go in & get it done.  This works well with my family & I'm still home quite a bit for them.

Band Camp also started last week.  My 2 oldest are in high school & one of them is in band.  I am heading into my 4th year of helping with the band program.  This year I am president of the band boosters.  As we kick off the year there is a lot to get done.  I'm meeting with the directors several times a week and constantly fielding phone calls & emails from parents.  Last night I conducted my first band booster meeting as president.  I was slightly stressed, but it went off without a hitch.  As we go into the school year & right into football & marching competition season there will non stop action with the band organization.  That doesn't worry me too much, keeping on task & ahead of the game will avoid too much stress.  It's not bad that things are in full swing.  It's just keeping me more busy than usual.

The timing of this is all a little good on my training.  I don't have time for lots of run with lots of miles.  I'm only logging 2-3 miles a day.  I know that's a lot for some of you, but for me that is down, like bare minimum.  It's what I'm suppose to be doing anyway as I head to Howl at the Moon in a few days.  I'm taking extra steps to rest & get a lot, if not more, sleep than usual.  Yes, my leg is still bothering me, but having pulled back it's doing better & I'm sure it will hold up well during my race.

Tomorrow I will bring you a full  pre-race report.  Until then I'm off to get more house work done.  I skipped work at the Y this morning so I could get a lot of cooking & cleaning done.  All of this extra activity means it's more to balance with my life & family.  So far I've been doing good with my priorities & not adding any extra stress.  I'm working to keep on track & keep it all balanced.

How is August going for you so far?  

Anything keeping you extra busy?


  1. Wow - you do have a lot going on!!
    I've been feeling busy over here but now I think I shouldn't!! My oldest is going into high school - they start Tuesday and he is also in marching band - I can't believe how consuming band is going to be!!! We got home from vacation Wednesday evening and he started band camp Thursday and has it every day until school starts.
    Looking forward to you prerace report!

  2. Goodness, you are busy! Good luck this weekend!