Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vloggin' Wednesday - Wall Stands

Wow, 2 posts in one day.  Aren't you special?!?!  :)

Here is my vlog, probably shortest one ever, even though I still manage to ramble on more than I need to.

Here is the blog the I mention:  Too Tall Fritz, where I credit getting the idea from.  I looked over her blog AFTER I made my video and now know they are properly called wall climbs.  Also after analyzing my video I noted that I need to work on getting closer to the wall.  Baby steps, though, I'll get there.

Can you do a wall climb?  Try it, it's fun!!


  1. OK - gonna try that soon (like this week!!!) - not sure I can make it one of my 43s because I'm pretty sure it would take me hours to do that many. If I don't blog for awhile it is because I killed myself with that move!!!

    1. Yeah, the first one or two are pretty easy to do. Then my arms start shaking & it takes a lot more to hoist my body up into position. I've only been able to do 5 at a time. By my last one my arms are screaming mercy & I'm shaking & trying to to crumple to the floor. And I haven't even mastered getting that close to the wall, that, I'm sure, is a whole other level.