Thursday, June 19, 2014

Third Thursday Blog Hop - Love Your Uniqueness

It's been a loooooong time since I blogged for the Hearts at Home Third Thursday Blog Hop.  As an avid fan and supporter of this ministry I want to continue to participate & should even enjoy/take advantage of a topic given to me each and every month to blog about.  Hearts at Home is focused on motherhood and that is the entire basis of making me 6packmomma.

The theme for the conference this year (I attended Nationals in March) is Love Your Life!  And this month we explore Love Your Uniqueness.  Unique is probably a very nice and gentle way to describe me.  Others might use the word crazy, or odd, perhaps strange, definitely weird and who knows what else one can come up with.  Others might be offended or hurt by these words.  I simply embrace them!

I've never been ashamed of who I am.  I am guilty of hiding who I am, but it never came from being ashamed.  Or maybe it did on some level.  I mean it's hard when you're different.  I have a loud, out going personality and I am FULL of spunk!  And that's not always well perceived.  Without launching into a multi-hour therapy session I also grew up with a lack of self esteem and it being properly role modeled for me.  So for many reason I've always been afraid to show who I really am.  I contained myself.  Worried about what others would think about me and used that as a way to decide how I would "be myself".

About 12 years ago I had some major life changes & I decided to throw all of that out the window.  Sure, I still struggle with low self esteem from time to time, but it no longer dictates my life.  And I still worry about what others think about me, but I really don't care (in a nice respectable way).  I am me and all of my crazy spunk is what you get.  Even though I didn't set out to do this, I ended up being able to show my children this great example.  Turns out my 6pack are also full of crazy fun loving spunk too!  And I want to encourage them to be who they are and to love every part of it as well.

In my running this has probably played out big in terms of my attire.  I was first in my community to wear a running skirt.  Did I get looks?  Stares?  Snickers?  You bet.  But I really loved running skirts so I kept wearing them.  My crazy, fun, wild knee high socks.  I've had drawers full of them for YEARS, but only wore them under my pants and we're for my enjoyment only.  Such a shame!  People enjoy them now on a very regular basis (although with the hot summer temps they are in hibernation).  My Bondi Bands that I routinuely wear....oh I know people thought I looked goofy.  I'm not blind or deaf.  I know when I'm being talked about or laughed at.  Didn't stop me from wearing them.  Those are just a few examples where I embraced my uniqueness and loved every bit of who it made me to be.

Of course I love the physical and personality characteristics about myself....things that I really can't control.  It's who God made & created me to be.  I'm loud and love to laugh and talk (oh boy can I talk!).  I really, really, REALLY love to run (in case you didn't know that yet!)  I'm competitive.  I love to sing - even when I'm out of tune and not being serious.  I love to dance.  Behind each of these traits I know I've been faced with someone who doesn't want me to be that way.  I should be more quiet.  I shouldn't run so much.  Don't sing in public or while driving down the main street of town.   And yet, I still stick with who I am and for the most part keep true to myself.  Sure, I need to be mindful when NOT to do these things.  There is a time to be quiet or not run so much (I really can't think of when though!!) and I actually hold back on my singing while at the Y working out.  Not because of what others think, but because I am just mindful of the public and others wanting to work out.

I really wish I had time to go dig through pictures and show off my uniqueness.  Although the point of this post is not to brag or show off who I am.  But if pictures speak a thousand words then I have plenty that, she's different!  I hope they also scream that I'm full of life and zest and spunk and I LOVE WHO I AM!!!!

What are some things that make you unique?

Do you love your uniqueness?  

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  1. Everyone is unique in their own way. Some just don't know it. They listen to to much negativity. To me, you have to love yourself first, get rid of people who are negative influences in ones life, and have the "confidence to be unique!"
    Just my opinion. So keep being "unique" it seems like its working and most importantly "you earned it!"