Monday, June 16, 2014

What's Next?

I used to do a lot of racing in the summer.  I can remember in my early adult years I'd run a race almost every weekend.  Of course, adding to my 6 pack slowly, but surely, over the years helped change that.  In fact, by time #6 came along I only did a couple of races the entire year.   Then, once I started doing longer distances the frequency of the racing also changed.  I'm sure I still race more than I realize, while it's not every weekend, I probably do at least 6 - 8 races a year.  That makes one every other month on average, but most of them are in the traditional summer months of June, July & August.

So now that I'm done with my spring marathon and kicked off the summer with a half marathon I bet you're wondering what's up next.  Or, you're not and I'm just going to tell you anyway.  If you're newer to me, my running and/or my blog then you don't know yet about my big summer race I do every year.  Well, every year for the last 5 years.  That would be Howl at the Moon.  I consider this my #1 race of the year.  I'm not sure why, other than it's the only race where I'm not boxed in with a distance.  Nothing wrong with a set distance, but I love the mentality of "the sky is the limit".  My only limit is the 8 hours I have to run.  8 hours is a long time!  If you've never run that long, go out and try it.  In the August heat.  It will at some point feel like an eternity of running & moving forward.  And yet, no matter how hard & miserable I get doing it, it just fuels my passion & love of running even more.  Weird.  I know.  Expect nothing less from me!!

So without going in to too many details that I will give when I do a pre-race write up, let me say that with this being my A race, it's all I want to focus on to get ready for it.  I will say, as a repeat of last year, I really want to hit 50 miles.  That was my goal last year, but spent the summer plagued with issues stemming from a massive fall & muscle tear in May.  I was not trained for last year.  Yes, I still managed to run 45 miles so I have nothing to complain about, but overall it was not a good race.  My goal for this summer is to train, train, train.  NO EXCUSES!  I know everyone oooohs and ahhhhhhs over my running and I realize I have plenty to be proud of, but I haven't really trained for any race for well over a year.  Oh, yes, I'm out there running every day.  But I know better, I'm not really training.

Of course, here is part of my problem.  I do not like training plans.  I'm a very free spirited, let things just happen kind of person.  I like being in charge of my own running.  I like to break the mold and accomplish things without doing what everyone else says I should be doing.  At first this worked well for me and my racing results drastically dropped (or in the case of Howl really increased).  If I have to be honest with myself though I really did get lazy and used a lot of bs excuses to get away with whatever I wanted.  I know that lazy is not a word anyone uses to describe me, but it really can be true.  My running as a whole has just hidden all of the discipline and hard work that I really need to be doing.

I have no clue if any of that makes sense.  Maybe you all are just thinking I'm coo coo for cocoa puffs.  I've run one too many miles.  But it makes sense to ME!  And I'm ready to change all of that and make Howl a break out race to take my running to a whole new level.  Deep down inside I really do believe I am capable of SO. MUCH. MORE.  How much?  I don't know, but I don't feel like I'm at my top level yet.  I spent plenty of my younger years truly wasting away my talent and I'm not about to let it go now!

In the mean time and amongst a lot of running and training I do have some other races on my calendar.  The only one I'm actually signed up for is the Bix 7.   Ohhhh and if you click on the link who do you see on the front cover that will be running this year?!?!  MEB!!!!  Don't worry, Ryan is still my #1 man, but how cool will it be to have Meb there!!!!  I have some other races planned.  Some I'm thinking about, but am not sure if I'll do them or not.  Will likely decide at the last minute.  Others I'm sure I'll do, but, again, just won't sign up in advance.  OH!  And I can't forget that I am also signed up for a Color Run in my hometown.  After last year's horrible run at an event similar to this, I kind of swore I'd never do another again.  But my best friend who NEVER runs has taken up running and this will be her first race.  I'm honored that she asked me to do it with her.  Running is not always about me, but others as well and I wouldn't ever miss this chance to run with my bestie!!  Of course, it will be a less serious event that I could care less about my finishing time.  I need to step back for this from time to time anyway, so it's a win-win no matter what.

I'll keep you all posted on my training and races I do.  In the mean time it's train, train, train!  No excuses, I'm ready to break through to a whole new world.


  1. I'm not into training plans either, so no your not coo coo for cocoa puffs! Lol. I just started running only 2 yrs ago and love it. Have 2 half marathons under my belt. 2 in past 8 months. Pre and post hip surgery (Jan '14). My recent 1/2 was Boston Run To Remember. Finished in 2:22. Not the greatest but only 4 months post surgery I was happy. Hip not so.much. Still recovering.
    Well just wanted to say good work and love your blog. I often read other running blogs to help in my recovery and keep me on track to fullfil my dream of running a full marathon.


    1. Mike, I'm glad you found my blog & I appreciate your comment. Thank you! I took a peek at your blog & wow, you've done a lot since you've begun running. Good job! And best wishes as you continue to recover from your surgery!!

  2. I don't do the training plan thing either but I'm gearing up for August!! I jumped up and down just now when I read your goal because in the depths of my heart it is mine, too!!!! Together we will do it for sure!!!