Saturday, August 2, 2014

June & July Rewind

When June ended I was gone on vacation.  It was such a great vacation that I had no desire to get on and blog about my month so I just let it go.  Since I'm a little more on the ball with July, I'll just wrap them up together.

JUNE - I started the month with a bang and ran the Galesburg Half Marathon.  The week following I had many great runs as I vacationed on the east coast, but my foot began to bother me.  I had hoped to bookend my month with another half marathon, an informal one, as I ran around Clear Lake, IA.  Weather spoiled those plans, but overall I still had a good month.  Despite my foot problems & pain I held on to my running streak, which, in case you haven't figured it out, there will be apocalyptic end of the world times before I break that streak.
Total miles run - 118
Run Streak - 764 days

JULY - I only had to delay my run around Clear Lake by 1 day and for the 2nd year in a row accomplished this little personal goal that I hope continues to be a tradition.  It's actually 14 miles around the lake and this year's run went very similar to last year's run.  So not a lot to update on that, except my son & husband came out for a portion of my run and kept me company.  I continued to deal with foot pain.  It's pretty consistent, but manageable.  I'd certainly be open to the idea of a "rest" (meaning I'd still run, but only 1 mile a day at a very easy pace for an extended amount of time), but I have my ultra next week and the month before is not a good time to take it easy.  I felt like I had a lot more consistent runs and pulled off my highest mileage month so far for 2014.
Total miles run - 138.55
Run Streak - 795 days 

Despite my foot issues I think I've had an ok summer of training.  So much goes in to ultra training, but I consider June & July to be my most focused ones since my race is the beginning of August (1 week peeps....yikes!)  While I realize I'm lacking in actual distance/miles put in, I feel like I'm making up with quality.  Overall, this year has not been what I've wanted with my running.  But I realize it could be so much worse and I count my blessing that I can still run.
Total miles run for 2014 - 815.60

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