Thursday, September 11, 2014

Let the Rival Begin

I grew up in Iowa.  More specifically I was born in Iowa City, home to the University of Iowa and the Hawkeyes, and then raised in Muscatine which is a short 40 minute drive away.  Anyway, all good girls from Iowa are Hawkeye fans!  Others are somehow tricked in to rooting for that other Iowa team, the Cyclones.  Naturally there is a little bit of a rivalry between the 2 schools.  Hawkeye fans KNOW they are the best, Cyclone fans THINK they are.

This Saturday is the annual rival game of the 2 schools and their football teams.  In Ragnar style fashion a race has been created to go along with this annual showdown of schools.  Tonight I'll be joining my team, a Jack & 4 Jills, as we run across Iowa in Rival Game Relay.  Specifically we will run 126 miles from Ames (home of the Cyclones) to Tiffin (which is outside of Iowa City, home of the Hawkeyes).

We're ready to run and represent the best team....the Hawkeyes, OF COURSE, in this fun and what I'm sure will be memory filled relay race.  It's my first time to ever run a race like this so I'm sure it'll be quite interesting!!  Check back for a full race report and don't forget to check out my instagram (She Runs Everywhere) to see pictures that I post along the way!!

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  1. Oh - what a fun relay - have a great time!
    Today is my ultra (the Patriot's Run) - 9 hours and 11 minutes starting at noon!!!