Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Interesting Information

I was clicking around my blog this morning, trying to change somethings up. I came across a few interesting facts. I probably can't explain how I found such information, I just came across it by clicking on anything & everything possible. I was exploring. It's the sure best way in figuring things out. I wouldn't say I'm a computer genius in any way (my husband is the one who minored in computer science in college), but I sure am computer smart. It's like being street start. I'm on here a lot and just get things figured out....doesn't mean I know what I'm doing half the time. Ha-ha.

Anyway...came across this bit of information or stats as it stated. I have had people from the following countries view my blog: US, Russia, Germany, Mexico, UK, Malaysia, Poland & Brazil. Now Captain Obvious knows why the US in on there. I do know people in Germany & Mexico. I have one lone friend in Brazil (HI KARI!!!!) But the other countries have me a little stumped. I admit though, I feel a little internationally known now. Ok, ok...I promise to not let it all go to my head. I'm sure those people stumbled across my blog by sheer mistake. It's not likely they were hunting for some world famous blogger. It's interesting though. And now that I know this little feature is there I might need to check it more often. Yes, I am a creeper....get over it. (See Suz, you were right on track this morning :) )

Had a cartoon sent to me. It made me bust up laughing of all my non-running friends. I have a long standing joke with a few that I will chase them with a plastic knife, if it means getting them to run. Even then they might just concede & let me stab them instead of running. One such person is my oldest off spring. I think she was switched at birth or something. I still love her & my friends even for all their non running habits.

Speaking of running (it is one of the main themes of my blog), I did run this a.m. Got my 4.25 miles in. Even though my ipod only clocked 4. I know better though. (I've been forced to use my old nano which is not nearly as accurate, but better than nothing). Me and my best friend ibuprofen headed out at 4:50 this a.m. Only because I washed some dishes was I not able to get out before 4:30. Still working on it. My run went better than I thought so I'm quite happy. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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