Thursday, January 3, 2013


Being the beginning of a new year my mind has been in review of the past and what I had learned and what I am looking forward to...yada yada yada.  I had a few goals, ideas, dreams jump out at me, but I kept them quiet.  My absence of blogging helped me keep it in check.  Then all of a sudden a few things really spoke to me, kind of slapping me in the face and got my attention.  Here are a few things that I think will really impact my year:

*JUST RUN:  I mentioned yesterday that this is often my approach to running.  I fully realize that this is not for everyone.  I'm in no way saying this is *the* right way.  But it really works for me and I encourage others to take a look at it.  It might be what you need, maybe if not all the time, then some of the time.  A personal frustration is when I hear people really analyze and break down running only to find excuses in why they can/can't run.  I want to yell "SHUT UP!  JUST RUN!"  Stop making it so complicated.  Now, I can talk running all the live long day and I'm a big fan of keeping track of running stats and information.  None of that needs to have anything to do with you getting your rear out the door and running.  Anyone knows that if something is really important to them they will find no excuses and will get it done.  This principle can be applied to many things in life.  Since this is mostly a running blog though....get running :)
I do find that people who truly embrace this are rare.  That is neither a good or bad thing.  I just don't find many people who are *just like me*.  I never follow a race plan, I never train for a race.  I don't follow any specific nutrition plan or "diet".  If there is food, I eat.  Plain and simple. In terms of all of the "rules" that surround running, I'm just not too good at following them.  I keep them in mind & apply them from time to time when it works well with what I am trying to accomplish.  I am open to plenty of thoughts, ideas, etc.  It certainly wouldn't hurt me to try a bit more in some areas.   Bottom line though, none of it is keeping me from running and in my own little world I'm doing pretty good.  I'm not perfect.  I'm no Olympian.  I'm not fast.  I'm not skinny.  I just want to run!

*DREAM OUT LOUD:  I didn't realize until I wrote yesterday's post that I have been lacking in this area.  I can only think of one or two times where I set a goal or stated a dream that I had last year and went after it.  I know my dreams and goals don't define me and what I can/can't accomplish.  That doesn't mean that I should be afraid to proclaim them.  Yes, bottom line, I just want to run, but that doesn't mean I can't dream and inspire others to dream and to go after it.  Another word that comes to mind is INSPIRE.  Not meaning to toot my horn, but many people do tell me that I inspire them.   I'm not really meaning to. I'm just in my own little running world.  It kind of goes into deep psychological reasons as to why I don't think I can dream big or dream out loud  and inspire others.  Slowly, but surely though I'm beginning to realize WHY NOT?  Why can't I dream big.  Why can't I dream out loud?  Why can't I inspire others?  I apparently already do.  It's time to embrace that and bring anyone else along for the ride that wants to get on!!!!

*GOALS:  For now, the only goal to keeps speaking to me is RUN THE YEAR.  As in running 2,013 miles in 2013.  (I don't take any credit for coming up with this idea, I found it on the internet).  I've been mulling over that for weeks.  Until yesterday I wasn't even going to verbalize that goal.  I was going to keep it quiet and if it happened, it happened and I would reveal it later in the year that I had met this goal.  So I'm putting it out there.  It won't be the end of the world if I don't accomplish it, but it's not going to hurt to try.  It's a big goal and it will require me to double the mileage I put out last year.  Completely doable!  I also have goals to run 50 & 100 mile races.  I'm not 100% sure if that will happen this year.  Only because of my family and life in general.  I have a lot on my plate of everyday life.  My oldest will enter adulthood this year *gulp*, my youngest will start kindergarten.  For the first time ever all 6 kids will be in school all day.  Oh dear, I might have just teared up a little....siiiigh.  Anyway, my God and my family DO come first.  All of these running goals, hopes, dreams, etc. come after them & not before!  That doesn't mean that I can't handle both.  It's a little give and take on both ends.  The only other goal I want to verbalize is that if I run Howl at the Moon, my 8 hour ultra, I want to run 50 miles.  In years past I've ran 32 miles, then 38 and last year I hit 46 miles.  I can do 50, I just know I can!  I'm going for it!

Ok, that's a lot to get the year started.  I'm moving forward.  In my running I'm dreaming big, I'm doing big and I'm going to tell you all about it.  And I'm going to do it by just running....

~How do you characterize your running?  There is no right or wrong answer, just what works for you!
~Do you need to dream out loud?  I would love to hear about it!

~What goals have you set for 2013?

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  1. Good luck with 2013 miles in 2013! That's a great goal to set for the year.