Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December & 2012 Recap

I'm a little behind in the blogosphere.  Everyone else seems to have done their month and/or end of the year recaps.  Many have also set their goals and/or resolutions for 2013.  I (obviously) have done neither and I'm perfectly ok with that since the reason is because I purposely took a break from blogging.  I did continue to read/follow my usual spread of blogs, I just didn't log onto mine and worry about getting a post done.  Sure things have been a little busy crazy with the holidays, but even when the computer sat unoccupied and I had things I could have blogged about....I just didn't do it.  Now, I'm ready to jump back in with full force and will begin with catching up and finishing out 2012.

In December I continued with my running streak and logged 111 miles.  For the last several months I seem to be consistently and easily breaking the 100 mile mark, even with plenty of "rest days" built in there.  I don't purposely aim or plan for that many miles I just get there.  I don't follow any plan or calculate and run certain miles to meet that goal, I just run.  JUST RUN....that has been the best thing (for me) to keep me going and to keep it real with my life.

I did run one race this month.  I ran the Run Your Ice Off Hardcore 5k on December 31.  I have run this race for the past 4 years. It has become a staple on my racing calender.  It's a well run event that is fun and draws a nice crowd.  I realized last year that I ran wearing a single layer of clothes that needed nothing more than capris, a long sleeve shirt and a light vest.  Compared to this year I had on 3 layers and even then the wind was a little rough in many places and I was COLD!  I ran ok, not my best time, but not my worst.  I fiddle farted around that morning at home kind of not even in the mood to get moving, then when I finally did I had to hurry and arrived at the race later than I had wanted and was short on time to prep and be ready to go.  Completely my own fault.  The race still went very well and I was glad to have gone and gotten it done.  I placed 2nd in my age group and for the first time LOVE the sweatshirt design.

Looking back on 2012 I am very pleased with my running and racing.  I went back to look at what great goals and aspirations I had set in January and was surprised to find pretty much nothing as seen in this post..  In fact, I surprised how down and non hopeful I was.  Maybe I was just down playing it all having come off a less than stellar year.  Maybe I was afraid to speak out loud my goal of running 1,000 miles.  Aside from searching through my whole blog I don't remember declaring that to be my goal.  I remember thinking it, but was skeptical that things would go so perfectly well.  I was afraid to openly hope and dream.

While a good majority of 2012 went well I had many roadblocks and set backs.  Yes, I was injured and even took an entire month off of running completely.  I would say I needed those downfalls to lunge me forward to the second half of the year where my running streak (218 days and counting) took off and never looked back.  In 2012 I ran 1,107 miles within 321 runs (not days, many days I ran more than once).  This is a huge change in any running I have done in years past.  Mind you, I have only tracked my run miles for the last 3.5 years, but even compared to that (324 miles in '09, 530 in '10, 654 in '11) my running is at an all time best.  In fact, I see a steady increase in numbers all along the way.  So, what could possibly be next for 2013.  That you will have to wait for in tomorrow's post.  Remember this post is about 2012!!  Ahhhh, the suspense might kill you.  Or not.  It's just a blog ; )

In addition to my everyday running there is my racing from 2012 to look back over.  Even though it seems like I don't race "that much" I did toe the line 16 times.  I completed 1-marathon, 2-half marathons, 2-triathlons, 1-8 hour ultra, 1-10k, 1-2 mile and 8-5ks.  Of course, the big picture is about running, but racing is a favorite thing of mine to do as well.  The people, the places....let's be honest....the SWAG!  2012 is also a year of the most I've ever raced.  Hmmm, wonder if 2013 will include more?!??!

It's really hard to sum up 365 days in one post so I may linger with a few more thoughts and reflections over 2012.  I think it's fair to say that last year was a great success!  I am beyond excited and not afraid to openly hope & dream this year.  I hope you'll stay along for the ride!!


  1. Congrats on a fantastic 5K! And a great year. 8-hour ultra?!!! That's awesome.

  2. You had a GREAT year in 2012... besides, you got to meet ME!! :)

  3. Congratulations on a great year in 2012! I'm a little behind in wrapping up 2012 and talking about my 2013 plans so don't worry you aren't the last one.