Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's official: Hawkeye 50k

Note:  I started this post this morning and it started as a typical Three Things Thursday.  I never got any further than my first point and I just need to hit publish and go!

I am so excited that I am officially signed up for my next ultra race the Hawkeye 50k on March 2.  This race has been on my radar for quite some time.  I signed up to get the updates, etc. and planned to register after the beginning of the year when the kids went back to school.  When another running friend also posted about doing this race I was even more excited until she told me that it has sold it.  Literally within a few hours it filled up.  Previous updates mentioned a waiting list, but the race director also indicated that it was highly unlikely that the race itself would fill up too quickly.  Well, people brought it on like Donkey Kong and within a wink of an eye my chance to register vanished.  Ahhhhh, so bummed!  I acted quickly though, contacted the race director and took the necessary steps to get on the official waiting list.  Fast forward a few weeks and I am the first person to come off the wait list and be registeredWoot! Woot! Now I can't wait to bring it on!  First though is vacation.  I've only mentioned it briefly, but will give you the down low tomorrow.

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