Thursday, March 21, 2013

Three Things: 13.1, "stealing" & 0.0

1.  Yesterday I ran a half marathon (13.1 miles) for the Jelly Bean Virtual Race.  I had insanely signed up to do 3 of the 4 race options.  I might still add the 4th, it will depend on the weather.  For weeks I had told myself that this would be the day I would "race" this distance.  It was the first day of Spring so what better what to celebrate.  Except we were met with bitter cold temps and 24 mph winds.  Nothing to celebrate there!  I feel like I'm a good sport when it comes to running in the winter, but I've had enough.  I'm ready to move on into warmer temps.  Please know that mentally I do wane quite often.  Yeah, I'm tough and I typically make myself go out and get it done.  But the mentality of getting out the door can be brutal.

It helps that I had an exact route planned for my 13.1 and it started/stopped at my house.  Typically once I'm out the door, baring extreme circumstances, when I say I'm going so far or on a certain route I stick to it.  While en route I might mentally try to talk myself into cutting it short or going this way instead of that, but I usually just keep on going with what I had planned.  I had plenty of reasons to change routes, especially on some really tough stretches when I was running head strong into the wind.  I'm not talking some warm breeze either.  It felt ice cold and I had to bear down and push hard to keep going even at times where I felt like I was running in place.  Knowing I would be dealing with the wind I planned my route around those areas.  I had plenty of other places where I was protected from the wind or had it to my back.  The sun was also strong and it felt good shining on my face.

All in all I felt pretty good.  Not my fastest time, but not too shabby either.  One race down 2 (maybe 3) more to go, probably next week.  You can still sign up and join the Jelly Bean fun!  Let me know if you do!


 2. Last weekend when I ran with Amy we logged many miles along The Constitution Trail that goes in & around Bloomington-Normal.  What an awesome trail!  I don't want to be discontent with what I do have where I live, but it pales in comparison.  (We have a 2.5 mile trail along Lake Storey, better than nothing, I guess.)  Something else I saw all around were several large groups of people running.  Also, lots of liquid fuel (water, Gatorade, Powerade, etc....thing to keep you hydrated) was stashed every mile or so along the way.  I've heard of running/training groups like this, it's just not the norm around where I live.  (Technically I belong to the Muscatine Running Friends, but I don't live there so don't routinely run with them.)  We used to have it, like 15 years ago or so, but that died down and I know Go Outside and Play is trying to revive the concept again.  It was still amazing to see so many people out and about running & training.

Since Amy & I ended up going a little farther than planned we became thirsty.  We DID try and use a park fountain, but it did not work.  We just needed a little something to wet our whistle and hold us over until we finished.  We weren't dying and it wasn't 100 degrees out, but still, after an hour of running you need something.  We (it was really Amy's idea, but since I participated I will take blame credit too) decided to stop and borrow some water that was sitting out.  Except we couldn't really pay it back so then does that make it stealing?  To be clear we didn't directly drink from anyone's bottle. They had some jugs of water sitting out and cups next to them.  We purposely waited until the coast was clear and felt like complete bandits doing this.  She poured (quickly and nervously) a cup for each of us while I kept watch and then urgently telling her to hurry because I spotted a group coming.  It sounds so silly and funny, but we wasn't sure what reaction we would get.  We had hoped we would get some love & compassion, but you never know.  Technically the water is for club members who likely pay a monthly/yearly due.  Once we had our water we quickly took off like we knew exactly what we were doing & owned the place.  Then when we got safe enough away we stopped to gobble down the water.

We sure are thankful for that little bit of water.  Amy later (jokingly?) said she felt guilty so she might go volunteer at a race the group sponsors or something along that line to pay back what we took.  So I'm just curious, what do you think about what we did?  Was it ok?  Completely wrong? 

3. I knew, just knew, that someone would comment about yesterday's post and let me know they are in fact NOT a runner.  Even before I posted it I actually had my daughter in mind.  Yes, I have off spring (probably switched at birth) who has NOTHING to do with running.  When I ask her to run to the store, or run upstairs or do anything that contains the word run, she always responds with "do I have to run?"  Siiiigh!  Okay, so yes, despite my words of encouragement that the post was for EVERYONE I know that not everyone chooses to run.  In many cases, said person is still very fit and active.  That really is the big picture to me.  Doing what works best for YOU! I enjoy and get happy with anyone who is seeking physical fitness in many ways, shapes & form.  While my daughter may "never" run, she can sure dance circles around me for hours on end.  She does her thing, I do mine.  (Although, I'm secretly praying she's a later in life runner!)

I am still a firm believer that our bodies were uniquely made for running.  YES, YOU WERE MADE FOR RUNNING!  Even more broadly though, we were made to be physically fit & active.  So,  I'm not going to fuss and worry if you don't choose running for any number of reasons.  Or if your way of running is what I consider my way of walking.  You are out there, you are doing it and bettering yourself and your body!  So if you want a sticker like this....
that's ok with me.  You are still welcome here, I still love you no matter what!


  1. great job!

  2. Oh that's funny about the water I would have felt the same way looking around for others......

  3. Now that's my kind of sticker:)

  4. Suzie ( and anyone else that is interested)!!! Do you want one?!? Me and my hubby make them!!!! Price is $3.50 shipped!!!!!! No joke! =)

    1. You guys can make stickers? I thought you just did signs. Will have to call you soon!!

  5. I stole a cup of WATER for a friend (and myself)...les miserables. :)

  6. That is awesome that you got it done....I am so over this weather too!!! UGH!!!

    I signed up for the 5k and 10k Jelly Bean but I may add the 21k Bike....I technically add the 13.1 since I am doing a half marathon tomorrow but I kind of feel like if you get a medal at the real life race it can not be used for a virtual one.....what are your thoughts on that?

  7. I think a race is a race. If you complete that distance, it counts for the Jelly Bean. Last year I had a 13.1 fall in the time frame for this same virtual race & I counted it. To me it doesn't matter if you complete the distance on your own or within a formal race (medal or not) did the distance, it counts! :)