Thursday, September 22, 2011


I have been busy with my priorities as I previously spoke about. For example, today I cleaned the carpets in the living room & deep cleaned both main level bathrooms. I was going to have lunch with a friend, but nixed that so I could have a good day of cleaning. I was also relieved when my mentor called & cancelled our regular thursday meeting. Relieved that I would have more time to clean. I did miss her company & our weekly visit.

I have other responsibilities that I need to also prioritize. That would have to do with the YMCA. My job there has taken a turn for the more. For those that don't know, let me fill you in.

Although I often say I am a stay at home mom, that is only partially true. Technically I am employed outside of our home. I have had this job for over 15 years. FIFTEEN!!!! Who woulda thunk it all those years ago?!?!?!? I started out as a fitness instructor. Really, I had no clue what I was doing. Since I had a pulse they hired me. In a nutshell, I worked my way to the top and at one point was director/coordinator of the fitness department. I still always have and always will instruct classes. Can't get me to actually stop teaching. Members likely will never let me stop either. I have quite the fan following there.

When we decided to be open to God's will for child 5 & 6, I knew I had to step down from that top position. My heart is always at home first and with the plan for more babies I knew I could not balance both. However at the same time, there was a need for training (one I created & insisted upon myself in my director position) and an opportunity to become said trainer. So even though the Y knew I was stepping down in one regards I was stepping up into another. One that didn't require nearly as much consistent hours and one that I largely controlled.

I received said trainer status and for the next few years trained many people in Health & Fitness courses offered by the YMCA. Slowly, but surely though my drive to get trainings done and the full on demand of 6 kids took it's toll. Although I still had my trainer status I had not done any trainings for 2 years.

Last year there was a big push in re-vamping the training system. I took many classes & webinars to keep my trainer status up to date. In hindsight I'm not sure why at the time, I had no desire to train. Now, I'm so glad I did. It saved me a lot of work, time & effort.

A few months ago I was approached & asked to consider becoming a faculty trainer. Another level of training that gave me the power to not only grant certification in said courses, but also train & approve other trainers in the same area. I was a little hesitant, but agreed to this process. So I have endured over the last week a very tough & rigorous training. (Ok, not really. I mean, it was a lot of training, but tough? & rigorous? Not really. I was just putting that to make me sound like a bada**). I've already done plenty of training over the last 6 years so it all came quite easily & naturally. I'd also like to think, this is just another niche I have. I can train. I can lead. I am faculty.

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