Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blame It On the Rain

Remember that song from the 80's by Milli Vanilli?  I don't care that those guys were lip syncing & got caught....I like that song.  I like Milli Vanilli.  That's right, you heard me.  When I married Jim I discovered he had this controversial cd.  He more than once commented on how he should get rid of it. you don't mister.  A) I like the music and want to be able to listen to it until all eternity.  Due to it's nature you can't just go buy it.  I don't think so.  At least not back in the mid 90's you couldn't.  Them bad boys were off the shelf and only to be found in rare places.  Anyway...and B) said cd could be worth a fortune, some day.  When the Milli Vanilli dudes die and their name goes up in history.  That's right....I will still have the cd.  Until then though, I will continue to listen to their songs on my ipod.  And every time the phrase is said I will hear that familiar tune played in my head, I might even sing it out loud for you : )

O.K.....yes, I am a dork and that has nothing to do about what I wanted to say.  It was just on my mind.

For the 3rd day in the last week my running plans have been foiled by the rain.  Honestly that hasn't been a completely bad thing.  I'm in a slight running funk.  The first time it happened was last Thursday and I ended up not running or exercising at all.  Which, I think, that is why I had such a big burst of energy and optimism on Friday when I posted last, then proceeded to go out & run 6.5 miles with enthusiasm & ease.  Part of that was also fueled by guilt for skipping a run.  This week though, I have yet to run.  I have had some cardio and pilates so I don't feel too bad/guilty.  And to give myself a lot of credit the last two days I've had my bag packed, clothes set out and I was primed and ready to go.  Only to awaken to the sound of pouring rain.  So. not. fair!!!!

Yes, I understand there are treadmills.  I even have one sitting in my own front hall way.  Amazingly even though I was once a treadmill junkie, I beg & plead with you now....DON'T MAKE ME GET ON THERE!!!!  I'm not desperate yet.  I'm sure I can pushed to that pointed where I give in and run on that contraption, but I have a long way to get there.  I'd rather cross train in the time being.  I do have my annual triathlon approaching in January.  It's time to start slipping in some pool & bike time.

It has also occurred to me to take it easy this week anyway.  I'm a seriously considering running in a 50k (30 miles) this weekend.  At this point I'm 90% sure I'm going to do it.  So if I'm going to run that then, yeah, it might be a good idea to not overdo and burn myself out during the week.  I'll keep you posted.

P.S. After typing this all out I did some internet searching.  Of course...NOW days this stuff is easily accessible.  That of course, dispels my beliefs that my cd/music is of rarity.  Still, I hang onto it for keepsake purposes.  I am a extremely sentimental person.  And I did read where one of the M.V. guys did die.  Once I read that it did ring a bell.  Sometimes you temporarily forget an event then think...."oh yeah, I do remember that happening."  I didn't want to completely re-write my post to make it look like I knew what I was talking about the whole time.  Lesson learned: do internet search first, then post.  Another lesson learned, but you knew anyway....I am still a dork.  So for you & your viewing pleasure enjoy the video:

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  1. 1) I had this CD, too. 2) You crack me up, gf! 3) I'm sitting with ice on my knee again (at least it's my other knee, right? *LOL*) and can only dream of ever running 5 miles. Maybe it will happen. Til then...I run vicariously thru you, my friend. Now go out there & make me look good...rain or no rain! *runs away quickly*