Friday, November 4, 2011


It is a nice fall day.  Much better than yesterday.  I was going to blog about it & call it "Blame It on the Rain".  I might still do that.  However the dilemma remains before me.  I have a house to clean, a nap to take (have to stay up all night to chaperone a lock in) and blogging to do.  However, I want to run.  And the weather outside is awesome!  I came across the phrase the other day....if you have time to have time to run.  Uh, many times have I checked facebook today?!?!?  I'd answer that but then you might want to admit me to some kind of addict group.  So, I could do the above mentioned....clean, nap, facebook, but I am going to go run.  Here is why:

I'll catch up with you all later.  After my run.  I AM going to be up all night!!!!

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