Thursday, September 27, 2012


Three Things Thursday is on hold for today.  Which is actually very crazy because I KNOW I had 3 things to tell you all about.  However I sat down this morning and........*insert crickets chirping in my blank mind*.  I'm stress about something for today so I shall just blame it on that.  Here is my excitement for today though.....

I have a new pair of running shoes. A pair of Saucony Guide. A favorite of mine that I've worn for the last two years or so. I only had about 250 miles on my old pair. They are still fine & working, but based on the obvious wear & tear and getting "up there" in mileage, I knew it was time. For a chance I wanted to switch shoes before the old pair got to a state of complete uselessness. That way I can still get some use out of them as everyday shoes. Right now when I shoe shop there is one main much they cost. I feel like such a traitor for not shopping at my local running store (especially since I personally love the staff so much), but I have to look at the bottom dollar and I can usually find something cheaper online. I certainly would also love something super cute, snazzy & cool looking, but again that usually cost more. I went with what I could find in what I know I need in a shoe at the cheapest price possible. I hit jackpot on ebay with my new Guides for only $39.00 and that included shipping. Score one for the checkbook!!

The pink ones on the left are my old ones, blue on the right new.  Exact same shoe, just different colors.  In about a month I will be searching for another new pair of shoes.  Earlier this year I realized that I'm to the point where I need to alternate between two pairs.  Brooks Adrenline is my other works good for me favorite.  I will be searching for another pair of those at just the right price to replace my current pair.  Unless, of course, some running company wants to send me a FREE pair.  I mean, I'll get lots of use out of them and provided they work well for me, I WILL rant and rave on my blog and facebook about how great & wonderful they are.  Any takers?  Anyone?  Hel-looooo?  Well, it never hurts to put it out there.......

So I welcome my blue Saucony's with a hearty Hello & bid my pink Saucony's a Good-bye.  They have served me well and have many great stories to tell about the miles they ran with me.

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  1. I run in the guides...and a little while ago I bought the ones that you just bought recently. Have you tried the latest version of the shoe with the lower heel offset? It took a while to get used to it but I like it now.

    Got the Omnis for my last shoe purchase because I was looking for additional heel cushioning. Seems like a pretty good shoe as well!