Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rewind: Olympic Virtual Track Meet

Here's another event that I meant to blog about, but never got done. Even though I'm not a weekend blogger I figured I'd squeeze this one in here. After all it's a holiday 3 day weekend and with the effects off Hurricane Isaac cancelling/changing all of our plans I'm home a bit more than expected.

Awhile back Run with Jess hosted a virtual track meet in honor of the Olympics.  We had 10 days to compete in Olympic track distances and send her our times & pictures.  For extra fun she encouraged to get a group of friends together and have an actual track meet.  I sent out an email to some friends, but only one came, and she was there more for support than to actually run.  Worked out good because she was my timer and picture person.

I ran the following distances on the track:  100, 200, 400, 800 & 1 mile.  I am not a speed person at all and my times were a little embarrassing.  Or maybe it felt that way because at the time I was watching Olympic coverage on t.v. almost everyday, all the time.  Seeing those fine tuned athletes and hearing their success stories and inspirations can make a middle aged stay at home mom of 6 kids feel slow, fat and pathetic.  Meh.....feelings, smeelings.  I'm not meaning to be down/hard on myself....just explaining what was going through my mind.

I was out there, gave effort and most importantly had fun.  I'm sure it's the closest I will come to Olympic glory.  My life with a husband and 6 kids is so worth the trade-off!  Here are some pictures of the fun I had.

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