Friday, January 24, 2014

First race of the year!!

I'm racing in the 20th annual Try Melon Tri this weekend.  I have competed in this race one way or another (sometimes as a part of a team, other times individually) 13 times.  I did not compete last year because we were in Florida (oooooh, how I wish we were going this year!!)  Here is a snippet from 2 years ago, the last time I raced, this gives you a run down of my 13 race times.

1997: 1st year.  I was 20 years old, married & had my 1st child by them.  Was just getting into swimming.  Finish time: 1:06:35
1998: Competed this year as a team with Jim, my husband.  I was 14 weeks pregnant with baby #2, hence our team effort.  People were astonished that a pregnant woman was competing.  Finish time: 1:01:46
1999:  Competed as a team again.  This time I swam, Jim biked and I ran.  Finish time:  57:44
2000 & 2001:  did not compete due to giving birth to January & February babies.
2002:  I have no record of this race.  I don't know why I wouldn't have done it.  But I guess I didn't.  Hmmmm????
2003:  Finish time:  1:00:06  Best swim time to date.  Was psyched to be "so close" to the 1 hour mark.
2004:  Finish time:  1:00:25.  D' close again!!!!
2005:  Finish time:  1:01:47.  Frustrating that I could not seem to break the 1 hour mark.

2006: I was signed up to race this year, but had to pull out at the last minute.  Andrew (baby I had just given birth to the previous November) was very sick & in the hospital.  It just did not work out for us to make it to the race.
2007:  Finish time:  1:00:44.  I'm into my 30's now....that must be it....RIGHT?!?!?!?
2008:  Finish time:  1:08:57  I had just given birth 6 weeks earlier.  Not my best performance, but I got it done!
2009:  Finish time:  59:00, FINALLY broke the 1 hour mark.
2010:  Finish time:  57:48 and another PR.  Now I'm rolling, must be like wine & get better with age : )
2011:  2 of my daughters also want to compete, but they can't swim (note: they know how to swim, just more for recreational purposes).  We competed as a team, I swam, Mandy biked, Nina ran.  Finish time:  1:04:28
2012:  I completely revamped my swim form.  I fixed some lazy tendencies I had and I forced myself to learn & implement alternate breathing.  First time with the new bikes.  LOVE them!  I think it helps that a few years ago I was a cycling instructor so I'm used to riding on these types of bikes.  Finish time:   *drum roll please*..........56:47  A NEW PERSONAL RECORD!!!!!!!!  

This race is an INDOOR triathlon, which being winter in Iowa is probably a really good idea!!!!  It's held at a YMCA in my hometown.  So I'm actually working in a visit home (yaaaaaaaaaay!) for the weekend since I'll be there to race.  They start a new heat every 30 minutes & I'm assigned a counter who personally keeps track of my splits, transitions and actual distances (they count my laps for me, etc.)  So the race takes up the entire day.  We are placed in heats based on our predicted swim times.  That doesn't mean that the first heats are the fastest, someone could come in at a later heat and finish faster.  In theory though the faster racers go first, but it's not until the last heat is finished that you know how you did overall.  That has it's pros and cons, but it leaves the door open for me to just race to my personal best and let the rest work itself out.

Last time I raced I finished 3rd female overall, but :26 seconds is what separated me from 1st place.  I've never won this race & would like to, even if only once.  I know it's more than just coming in 1st, winning isn't everything.  But I openly admit I'm super competitive so that drives me to win and to do it in my hometown.... heck ya, I want that!!  Just being honest.  I do know that PRing would be just as satisfying as well and more than likely if I don't get 1st then someone I know and like does and they deserve that win just as much.  I'm not losing sleep over it.  Hopefully it drives me to give 100% and be happy with that no matter what happens.

Be watching my Instagram to see photo updates from my race.  I start at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday.  I can't wait to come back & give you a full update you on how things went.


  1. Good luck at the race! Sounds like a fun but long day.

  2. So exciting - especially since you have been improving recently!!! I can't wait to follow along Sunday - glad you will have stuff on Instagram so I can follow from the Bridal Fair!
    Good luck - I see a top female finish coming up!!