Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Fun: Who Are You

I came across this video the other day & thought it was funny.  Being that I've worked in the fitness industry for 17+ years I'd say that a lot of these are spot on.   Watch:

Hopefully you laughed, that's one of the main points.  Life is too short and for many other reasons serious, so why not laugh as much as you can & make the best of it!!

Since I'm a gym rat myself, it got me thinking.....what kind of person am I at the gym?

My first reaction was 'The Singer' because I love to sing & do so all the time.  In my aerobics class that I taught years ago my class knew that I'd burst out singing at any moment.  My favorites:  Tommorrow by Annie & Oklahoma from the musical.  Who can't sing that at the top of their lungs when those songs come on?  Upon further thinking I realized I don't sing too much in the gym (aside from my outbursts in class) because I fully realize that others didn't come to hear me sing.  That's not a knock on my vocal abilities.  I mean I'm not the next American Idol, but my many years of voice lessons had to amount to something.  I can sing!  So unless the place is empty or no one is within ear shot, I don't actually sing.  But I do hum a lot & if I'm really in the mood I lip sync.

I'm also the justifier.  I can't say I do this ALL the time, but definitely pretty often.  I don't walk around shoving food in my mouth & say or think it's ok.  But I think that in many ways people really scrutinize my eating for me.  So when I'm inhaling a piece (or two, who am I kidding three or more) of pizza people are looking at me all bugged eye and thinking, or saying, "Are you really going to eat that!"  Ummm, why yes, since I just ran "100 miles".  Ok, I've never ran 100 miles, but to most people I know they treat my 10 to their 100.  It's always in a joking fashion and what else can I do but laugh about it.  Just go with the flow and joking mock myself while I'm at it.  If you can't beat them, join them, right?  So I'm guilty of indulging on a regular basis.  Obviously it's not too often or out of control, my body weight speaks otherwise.  And I do burn a lot of calories within my workouts, so......

One I thought they should add is The Dancer.  That is me.  Just as I can't control myself when I want to sing, I have a hard time keeping still when the groove hits me.  Which I fairly frequently.  I am self conscious about drawing attention to myself (perhaps shocking with my clothing choice and my love of performing, but that is another topic for another post) so if I think people are watching I will try my best to keep in contained.  If we could mount cameras around my home or in my van you'd see me completely busting a move ALL. THE. TIME.  If I'm at the gym & can get away with it (explains why I love teaching aerobics & Zumba so much) I will dance & sing.  Lately I've noticed that while running on the treadmill I dance on there too.  I mean, I am really....really....REALLY bored!  I find that I zone out and my mind focuses on the music I have blasting in my ears.  So I sing-ok, mostly lip sync- and dance, as much as I can while running to help pass the time.

So, who do you think you are?  

Even if you don't go to the gym do you have some interesting, funny habits that you do while working out?

Have any funny things/people you've seen while working out?

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  1. That video was hilarious!!!
    When I'm running outside with music I tend to sing along (especially when I get to my cool down) - and I don't sing well!!!
    Isn't it funny how people assume that just because you run (a lot) you only eat healthy stuff? I try to eat fairly healthy but pizza, fries, chips - never gonna cut those things out!!! (and wine!!)