Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday's Tunes: Too much of a good thing

Tuesday's Tunes:  I haven't done this in a long time!  I'm too lazy to go look, but I'm guessing it was before Christmas break.  My Tuesday's have not been the norm for the last month.  Typically Tuesday I run & teach pilates by 7a.m. and then be showered & ready for my day.  Then it's my "day off" at the Y so I don't go in to get anything done, although today I did check email from home & took care of some matters.  This is hard for me as there is always something to do.  But I wanted to set 1 week day where I don't go in, I stay home & focus on getting things done here like blogging or "wasting time" on facebook.  Truthfully it usually is my most productive day in terms of getting things done around the house.  While I've taken plenty of days off from work recently they have been kid filled as my kids were home on Christmas break.  So, now that they are back in session (woo hoo, glory hallelujah) I finally took a day off from work & got somethings done.  Hence my resume of Tuesday's Tunes, here is what I listened to on my run this morning.

Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson
Now I Lay Me Down - Noel Stookey & Pam Mark Hall
Friend Like Me - Robin Williams/Aladdin Soundtrack
Toy Soldiers - Martika
Smurfs - TV Theme Songs
Bonanza - TV Theme Songs
Runaway - The Coors
G.I. Joe - TV Theme Songs
Lord, I Lift Your Name on High - Go Fish
We Got Annie - Annie Soundtrack
God With Us - Mercy Me
Will You Be the One? - ??
Consider Yourself - Oliver!  Soundtrack
God's Not Dead - Newsboys

So, I realize that I have a habit I need to break.  It's not really a bad habit.  and maybe I don't need to break it.  But I sort of feel guilty & I realized recently that I kept it hidden how often I was indulging in this habit.  So, what is this habit?  I eat guacamole.  *shock*   *gasp*  I know, right?!?!  The dish, the down low, the secret life of 6packmomma!!  Ok, ok.....so I have worse habits that I could revel to you all.  But as I indulged AGAIN today I decided to blog about it.  Yes, because that is a great use of my time on my day off!

I think guacamole gets a bad wrap because avocados are high in fat.  Now we're talking good fat here & lots of omega 3 & other nutrients that are good.  But they kind of fall into the category of eggs.  Yes, I eat eggs almost every single day!  I'm big on getting nutrients and calories from REAL food.  Now, yes, you can go into the deep argument with eggs about how chickens are fed who knows what & manufactured to lay eggs, etc.  But A) my focus in not on eggs today and 2) I'm not claiming to only eat all natural organic foods.  I pick & choose my battles and do the best with what resources I have that are what I feel are most beneficial for me and my family.

When I prep my guacamole I mash the avocado with a diced tomato & add some Tabasco sauce (not a lot though, I don't like spicy stuff).  If I have some I'll squeeze in some (fresh) lime juice.  That's it.  No extras, no sour cream or whatever else some may add.  Plain & simple.  You may think, what's the big deal.  I will admit that what gets me in trouble is the chips I eat with it.   Even without the chips though the huge amount of calories I'm ingesting is....WOW!  But remember the other day, I fully admitted I was a justifier.   So calories, smalories it has good healthy nutrients in it!!  And I DID run 5 miles AND do pilates this morning.  Total justifier!!

Anyway a few weeks ago I was whipping up some guacamole for the simple reason that I wanted some & had just gotten the ingredients from the store.  Here is the conversation that happened between 6packdaddy (who was in the next room)  & I:

6pd::  Who's coming over?
Me:  No one. Why?
6pd:  You're making guacamole.  You never make that unless we have company coming over.
Me:  That's not true I make it ALL THE TIME!
6pd:  No you don't.
Me:  Yessss, I do!  Like at least a....couple.....of.....times....a.......month.......
*odd silence coming from the other room*

Ha ha...oooops, did I just admit that out loud & completely bust myself.  Yeah, that is when I realized I make guacamole quite frequently and eat ALL OF IT BY MYSELF.  Today, I went to the store to pick up milk and eggs.  That's it.  No extras.  Except as soon as I walked in the door my first thought was "I wonder if that avocados are any good?"  Lo and behold they were fresh and ripe and *perfect* for guacamole.  Like a true addiction before I even knew what I was doing I bought the necessary ingredients and wham! guess what I had for lunch.  In my defense, I didn't eat ALL of it.  Just a lot of it!

Do you have a favorite good thing that you like to indulge in?
Do you think it's possible to have too much of a good thing?

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  1. HaHa, this made me laugh - the fact that you have been guacamole and your family didn't know - I make it and tell them it is just for me. I could probably eat it every day and I make mine plain, too (avocados and season salt). You keep right on enjoying your guac - it's good for you!!!