Friday, April 4, 2014

Mom's Night Out Movie & Contest

A few weeks ago I attended the 2014 Hearts at Home conference.  I've attended this conference 11 times over the last 13 years.  Fair to say it's a great conference that I look forward to going to every year.  This year they had a pre-screening event of the movie Moms' Night Out.

Truthfully, I was in denial about really being sick   so sick and battling horrible symptoms that I didn't get to really enjoy the movie to the fullest.  I did enjoy it and it was hilarious, but I did it in my zombie like, sick and should be in bed state.  While I didn't laugh as much as usual (it hurt to and it made me cough like crazy so I suppressed it) nor did I cry (I'm such a crier at movies) at all the touching parts that had a great message, the movie was filled with both (way more laughing than crying, although there was a touch of laughing so hard you do cry!) and I highly recommend that everyone go see it when it opens in theaters May 9.

If you are/were a big Grey's Anatomy fan you'd recognize Sarah Drew, the main star.  Although the stars were numerous in this film they included Patricia Heaton, Sean Astin (total 80's girl here was swooning over that!), Trace Adkins and the list goes on.  If you are a fan of films like Facing the Giants, Couragous, Fire Proof, etc. then you'll also recognize many other stars from those great movies as well.

Sarah Drew was on hand for pictures, autographs, etc.
 I felt like total crap so I just smiled & got through the moment.  Sarah herself was very sweet & nice!

While I should have posted this review when I first came home from conference (that deserves a  post too), I will admit that it's taken a give away to motivate me to get it posted.  In all likely-hood my chances of winning the giveaway is low, I'm sure, with 1000's of people vying for it.  Sure, I'd hop on an airplane in a heartbeat to go, but I won't pack my bags any time soon.  Anyway, it's a GREAT movie, I mean, really WONDERFUL that everyone should go see!  When it comes out nation wide in theaters GO SEE IT!

I can't get the info to embed onto my blog so click on the link HERE to see the contest rules and to earn entries into the giveaway!!

Do you have a picture with someone famous or well known?  I have a picture of me shaking the President's hand.  Also have a picture with Jody Davis, Cubs pitcher from the 80s.  And Jason Castro of American Idol fame.   Just to name a few.

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