Thursday, February 16, 2012


Well I'm attempting to do this from my iPod. I didn't get my run in until this afternoon. I was really REALLY tired this morning so I slept on. Wednesdays & Fridays are the only possible week days that I can do that since the other days I teach at 6 a.m. Yesterday I was extremely tired the WHOLE day and I knew it was likely that I would sleep in today. I still set my alarm clock for my regular time. Sometimes I surprise myself and can get up when I thought I couldn't. Sleep won hands down. I barely even heard Jim get up & get ready for work.

As my day got going I was excited about having to wait for my run. Running during the day means a few things. I can/will put headphones in to hear my iPod. That also gives me the option of listening to a podcast instead of music. Which I did opt for a sermon from Mark Driscoll, a favorite pastor of mine. This also allows me to run through certain parts if town that I would not venture into during predawn hours. Plus the morning was shaping up to be sunny & in the 40's. Sounds like perfect for a run. I had everything all set & ready to go for this run. Since the boys biked to school I also planned/timed this run to finish at their school right when they were done for the day. Could this day get any better?!?!?

Well....wouldn't you know it. As I stepped out the door to my perfectly planned run I saw the first few drops of rain.

Wait...wait....I started this yesterday. It got late & I was tired. Since it's half way done I'm going to finish it and still post it. I guess it's your lucky day, you are going to get two post. Ok, back to your regularly scheduled blogpost : )

So where was I? Oh, yes....rain drops. You know, like....rains drops on roses & whiskers on kittens.....these are a few of my favorite things. Well, running in the rain is not a favorite thing of mine at all. Even though I could have backed out of my run right then & there I still set out. I was determined to get this run done as I had I planned. I'm certainly not made of sugar, I wasn't going to melt. Long story short, I survived my run. I think I rocked it pretty well. The rain did pick up at certain points to more than just a few rain drops. It was not an all out downpour. Either way I got wet, not only from the rain, but from the mess it was leaving on the ground. I had made a big loop around town cutting through most of the neighborhoods. I directly passed by 4 (of 6) elementary schools and had eyesight of both jr. highs and the district office & preschool. Not every place had a sidewalk for me to run on so I was sharing the road with traffic which is tough when rain is covering a good portion of where I'd normally run. I give props to the drivers out there there were all generous in sharing the road & watching out for me.

As planned I finished my run at the boy's school. I was earlier than expected, which was great because it gave me time to stretch. However it also gave me time to stand around and get cold in my wet, sweaty body. I also feel like it elicits a lot of weird looks from the other parents. I'm sure I'm just self-conscious. That is typical of me. Very self-conscious. It won't keep me from running & finishing my runs at the school.  Not much keeps me from running.

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  1. I kinda like running in the rain, sometimes anyway. Almost went for it after work last night, but decided it was a little too chilly to really be fun. I waited for today. I know what you mean about the looks. I figure I get 'em as I do a cool down past Innkeeper's and along Main Street. But, meh. Whatever.