Thursday, July 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  I should have got this done sooner, but I took a nap earlier.  In addition to my feeling like crap running that has taken over just about every run, I am tired.  All the time.  Not sure what to make of it or think about it.  I'm just blaming summer and the heat.  Luckily, I have a fairly wide open schedule for the time being.  My evenings are about to be consumed with my performance in the Pirates of Penzance, but my calender is otherwise blank.  Since no one is knocking down my door to get a piece of this awesomeness I'm just enjoying my life of nothingness right now.  It will not be like this forever so I should embrace it while I can.

2.  At camp last week I had the privilege of hooking up with a friend & running partner Tahmi.  Now we've ran a few of the same races (years ago) and counting when we ran together last week we've run together ONCE.  I don't care though, I'll still call her my running partner.  We tend to connect more in a virtual way.  We often talk and comment on running things via facebook.  We dream every year of running Dam2Dam together.  Not to mention, she is just plain & simple an awesome friend who runs, so that's good enough to deem my running partner.  I made this vlog post about her & our friendship after we ran.  I also took this picture when we were done.

3.  I should go take another nap.  *yaaaaaaawn*

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