Friday, July 27, 2012

Which one?

I want to give you two scenarios about how I spent my morning & day so far..  One is true.  One is not.

Scenario #1:  I woke up at 6 a.m.  I was tired, but got myself up and out the door for a 10 mile run.  It felt so good to get the run done early and the run itself was just awesome!  Once I was done I had my typical protein full breakfast of 3 eggs and, of course, my daily cup of coffee.  Once that I was done I continued to be productive, getting the laundry going for the day and other household chores that needed to be done.


Scenario #2:  I slept until 8 a.m.  For a rare change my kids awoke and found me still in bed.  It was nice to snuggle with them for a little while.  Getting out of bed felt like a huge chore.  I was sore and still tired!  I got up only long enough to get the kids some cereal for breakfast and even had a big bowl of granola raisin bran cereal myself.  I never...ok rarely, eat cereal.  Not a good source of carbs at all.  I crawled back into bed to eat my cereal and watch tv.  It wasn't until 10 a.m. that I finally got up out of bed for the day.  I packed up the kids and we went to the Y where I ran my mile and biked for 30 minutes.  As promised I took them swimming, just for fun...not laps to swim for exercise, just play time.  I did eventually get my kitchen clean, but just so I could make zucchini chocolate chip cookies.

Think about it.  Maybe comment real quick before reading on.  What is your guess on how I spent my morning & day so far?  Be honest.

I won't keep you in suspense for too long.  *drum roll*................................

Scenario #1 is NOT true!  Scenario #2 IS how my day has gone.  Are you shocked?!?!?!?  Does that even sound like me at all? 

To tell you the truth I don't even feel guilty.  It kind of felt awesome to just take a step back and veg.  Now, I'm not promoting a lifestyle like this AT ALL.  It was one day and I didn't plan for it to be this way, it just happened.  It's ok to step back and have an occasional day like this.  In fact, I can't think of the last time I did this.  Typically for me sleeping in means 7 a.m. and eating a "bad" breakfast food means eating an english muffin along with my eggs.

What about you?  Do you need an off day?  A day to step back and veg out?  Go it!  You've probably earned it and deserve it!

This looks different each day, but as long as you accomplish are good to go!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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