Monday, November 26, 2012

National Diabetes Month

Wow, I didn't realize this until I started this post that this is my 200th POST!  Yay! (Bloggers....we'll use anything as an excuse to celebrate....ha ha)  So, I guess since I'm in a celebrating mood I will have to sweeten my post a little.  1st let me get to what I was planning to tell y'all about anyway.

November is National Diabetes Month.  Yeah, I know, a little late in the month to be proclaiming that.  I never claimed to be a genius.  My inspiration is just a little slow this time around.  Or perhaps I just needed an extra nudge about the topic.

Not that long ago I met Dane Nealson.  We were at the same wedding and "happened" to sit at the same dinner table during the reception.  For all I knew he was just some person I would encounter that night and never see again.  That has not turned out to be the situation and I'm enjoying his friendship even though it's basically via facebook.  That is one of the great things with technology these days.  He has been a very inspiring person who has lost a great amount of weight in the last year, ran his first half marathon recently and also ran for the Iowa House of Representatives.  More recently, basically since the beginning of November (HE was on his A-game) he has been lobbying for and doing his own personal fundraising for Camp Hertko Hollow, a camp for diabetic kids.  This camp provides campers an excellent opportunity for them to learn more about their diabetes and learn that they are not alone in their battle.  Dane himself was a camper for many years and every summer he continues to volunteer his time as a counselor.  Here are a few pictures of Dane in action at Camp Hertko Hollow:

His passion and for this camp and juvenile diabetes has truly been inspiring to me.  I made a pledge to help him out, but wanted to do more.  For starters I wanted to bring to your attention about November being National Diabetes Month.  Do you know a diabetic in your life?  I know several, both adults who deal with Type II and kids (one a friend of my 7 year old son) who deal with Type I.

I also wanted to ask you, my readers, if you would be willing to make a donation to Dane as he is selflessly trying to raise $2,500 to donate to Camp Hertko Hollow.  ANY amount counts!!  If you are interested or want to donate please email me: with your name & address.  I will pass it onto Dane and he will send you all the information you need to contribute to his efforts.  You DO NOT need to send any money now, just email me and we'll get things worked out!

To help sweeten the pot and celebrate my 200th post, I will create a gift pack to be awarded to one contributor who emails me by the end of this week and donates to my friend Dane & Camp Hertko Hollow.  I will get a picture posted of this gift pack up in the next day or two.  I know for sure it will include a $10 gift card to Target.  I will rustle up some prizes to add to that.  In the mean time, will you consider helping out my friend Dane?  Email me if you have any questions.

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